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We think you have liked this presentation. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Thank you! Published by Jaylan Keighley Modified over 5 years ago. Analyze means A. Page 16 in textbook. Answer: B The next slide explains the answer. One would study the blood sample to see if the patient is ill. And one would study the money problems in order to suggest solutions.

Even if they have lost the previous game, they need to come to the next one ready to win. Attitude means A. Answer: C The next slide explains the answer.

Coming to the next game prepared to win is a positive way of thinking. Arriving at a party expecting to be bored is a poor way of thinking. Category means A. Athletes, scholars, and rebels are three groups or types of students. Jazz, rock, and country music are three groups or types of music.

One eye is brown, and the other is green. Contrast means A. There is a contrast between these two colors. And if there are fancy houses in one part of town and poor neighborhoods in another part, there is a difference between the two parts of town.

She calls them lazy because their house needs painting and their yard is overgrown with weeds. Critical means A. Answer: A The next slide explains the answer. The boss praises good work but finds fault with less good work. If the aunt calls the neighbors lazy, she is finding fault with them. It was a deliberate dirty trick. Deliberate means A. If the neighbor knew the tree would block the sun, planting it was a planned dirty trick.

She rushes him to the doctor every time he gets the sniffles or scrapes his knee. Excessive means A. Page 17 in textbook. Eighty miles an hour is overly great speed or more speed than is reasonable. If Mrs. Hill rushes her son to the doctor for every little thing, she is showing overly great concern about his health.

That is why elderly people often break their hips when they fall. Fragile means A. Using plenty of newspaper would protect the breakable lamp. If elderly people often break their hips, their bones are breakable. Frustration means A. Not being able to figure out the instructions would cause Dan discouragement. And failing the driving test three times would cause Elaine great discouragement.

Indicate means A. A sign that indicates a sharp turn in the road. By pointing, the attendant is showing Lonnie where to park the car. The sign shows or signals a sharp curve. Page 18 in textbook. Answers: 1. Losing every game would cause the players to have a poor state of mind. The words mind-set are a clue.

Complete each item with the correct word from the box. Answers: 3. Excessive Page 18 in textbook. Gaining weight is often caused by eating too much. Answers: 6. Answers: 8. Comedy and action-adventure are two types of movies. Choose the word or phrase that most nearly means the same as the boldfaced word. B The next slide explains the answers. C The next slide explains the answers. Choose the word or phrase that most nearly means the opposite of the boldfaced word.

A The next slide explains the answers. B; Unit 5 Topic 1 Section B. Teaching aims and demands: 1. Learn to exchange personal feelings.

Lead-in the reasons leading to a broken friendship having little in common lacking trust there being conflict of interest being jealous. Gerunds Vs Infinitives. A gerund is the ING form of the verb.

Alice and her family had just moved from London to Manchester. She had already visited her new school but on her first day, she was feeling quite scared. Subject Verb Agreement. The basic idea… The number of the subject determines the number of the verb. Growing pains Brief introduction: Growing pains was on TV from to , a total of seven years, and it told over one hundred and sixty different.

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Groundwork Better Vocabulary by Beth Johnson

National Library of Australia. Search the catalogue for collection items held by the National Library of Australia. Read more Smith, R.



The Words-in-Context Approach. Students learn new words by encountering them in meaningful contexts, not through rote memorization. Abundant Practice. Each book is packed with activities, exercises, unit reviews, and tests that prompt students to interact closely with each new vocabulary word. Appealing Content. Dull materials discourage learning. Our books avoid that.


Groundwork for a Better Vocabulary, 5/e




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