Cat planetary power shift. Lock - up disabled. Piston, variable displacement. ISO Caterpillar F Wheel Loader.

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Cat planetary power shift. Lock - up disabled. Piston, variable displacement. ISO Caterpillar F Wheel Loader. Imperial Metric. Dimensions Bucket. Bucket Capacity - Heaped. Bucket Capacity - Struck.

Bucket Width. Breakout Force. E Ground Clearance. B Width Over Tires. D Wheelbase. F Hinge Pin - Max Height. Height - Top Of Hood. Overall Height - Bucket Raised - Std. Overall Length - Std. Wheel Base Length. Height - Top Of Exhaust Stack. Length - Rear Axle To Bumper.

Length - With Bucket On Ground. Specifications Engine. Engine Make. Engine Model. Net Power. Gross Power. Power Measured. Max Torque. Torque Rise. Net Power - Iso Net Power - Sae J Peak Torque - 1, Rpm. Operating Weight. Fuel Capacity. Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity. Engine Oil Fluid Capacity. Cooling System Fluid Capacity. Transmission Fluid Capacity. Static Tipping Weight. Rear Axle Oscillation. Tire Size. Transmission Type. Number Of Forward Gears.

Number Of Reverse Gears. Max Speed - Forward. Max Speed - Reverse. Forward - 1. Forward - 2. Forward - 3.

Reverse - 1. Reverse - 2. Direct Drive - Forward 3. Direct Drive - Reverse 3. Direct Drive - Forward 2. Direct Drive - Reverse 2. Direct Drive - Forward 1. Direct Drive - Reverse 1. Reverse - 3. Maximum Bucket Capacity. Bucket Capacities. Hydraulic System. Relief Valve Setting. Pump Flow Capacity. Raise Time. Dump Time. Lower Time. Pump Type. Oscillation Angle. Operating Specifications. Bucket Capacity Range. Cat Truck Match - Standard.

Cat Truck Match - High Lift. Articulation Angle. Rated Payload. Rated Payload - Standard. Rated Payload - High Lift. Rated Payload - Super High Lift. Service Refill Capacities. Cooling System. Fuel Tank. Hydraulic System - Including Tank.

Differential - Final Drives - Front. Differential - Final Drives - Rear. Hydraulics - Brake Cooling. Pump Drive - Front. Differential - Final Drives - Each. Hydraulic Cycle Times. Rack Back. Lower Float Down - Empty. Power Down. Tilt Cylinder - Stroke. Lift Cylinder - Bore. Lift Cylinder - Stroke. Tilt Cylinder - Bore. Number Of Lift Cylinders. Number Of Tilt Cylinders. Maximum Flow At 1, Rpm 3x. Hydraulic System - Steering.


Oxford Mining Company Adds Cat 994F Wheel Loader

The Cat F is the largest wheel loader manufactured by the company, with a gross operating weight of , lbs. It is the only operational F in Ohio. Oxford Mining worked with Ohio CAT, the Cat equipment and power systems dealer of the state of Ohio, to identify a system that would increase productivity in the ever-competitive coal industry. The F is the result of more than 10 years of development work that began with the introduction of the original in , providing reliability and durability unmatched in this size class. Another important factor was the Cat Vital Information Management System VIMS , which provides real-time machine condition and production information to the operator and supervision, and helps them make informed decisions that directly affect safety, machine availability, and ultimately the productivity of the mine. Technical, maintenance and operator training were held the last week of January and the machine was immediately put into service with the two new Cs that had already been assembled. The F and C mining system offers maximum mine efficiency and productivity.


Cat Diecast 994F Wheel Loader 85161C


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