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Zinio Reader gives you an elegant and intuitive magazine reading experience on your computer, with all the search and note-taking features you'd expect from a digital magazine. Subscribe for our newsletter with best Mac offers from MacUpdate. Discover New Mac Apps. Sorry, nothing on this page! Categories Desktop. Sign in Create account. Zinio Reader. Download Zinio Reader 1. Online print media content reader. Follow this app Developer website.

Overview Zinio Reader gives you an elegant and intuitive magazine reading experience on your computer, with all the search and note-taking features you'd expect from a digital magazine Requires Zinio magazine subscription.

Version 1. Join over , subscribers. How would you rate Zinio Reader app? Post review. Derekcurrie 03 July Most helpful. Version WHAT? So what's going on? Changes: A The version provided here via MU is indeed labeled "1. It is indeed the successor of version 4. B Zinio is treating version 1. The result is a self-contained application. E You're going to have to download all your magazine issues again. Be sure to archive them if you want to read them again later. Instead, everything is controlled from inside the app.

You'll see an icon for access to controls near the bottom of the left margin of the page. To me, it looks like the icon for left margin formatting. What it actually does is show you icons for access to reading features. When you're in Full Screen mode, you'll see these icons at all times. The icons provided are: - 1 Zinio This sends you back to your list of magazine issues.

Therefore, remember which one you used when you want to end Fullscreen! Happily, the green button works, no matter what. Only some, presumably more recent magazines support this view. It provides these special features: - - a Allows you to read the entire article as one page with scrolling. Not kidding! Users can now Print pages. About bloody time! The printing interface is a bit goofy with a brief learning curve. But you can access the familiar System printing interface if you like.

Yes, you can save whatever you like as PDF files. Double hurrah. Pages change by fading out the old and fading in the new. It's a bit slow. B There are Back buttons in the upper right of the interface.

They change function according to where you are in the app. Play with it to figure it out. C When you Back out of a magazine you're reading, the next time you read it again, it will put you back to the exact page you were reading when you backed out. D The control gear icon at the top of the interface provides: - 1 Help You have to be connected to the Internet as Help is located on a web page - 2 Refresh Library Which backs you out of everything to the main view - 3 Check for updates - 4 Sign Out Log out - 5 The version number of the app.

E Limited Search is provided. It is specific to only magazine titles, month and year. It only searches those titles currently showing in your interface. F If you want to flip pages but the arrow icons are gone, just wiggle your cursor and they return. G When downloading a magazine issue, you'll see a progress bar below the issue image.

Problems: A There is no easy way to get back to the front page of a magazine. That's an oversight IMHO. It should be an option in the Table of Contents interface.

I hope they add it in the future. B When you're in a Filter mode, the 'Filter by' reading changes back to 'None'. That creates confusion. It should continue to list what Filter mode you're in and provide None as an option in order to undo your filtering. Instead, you're stuck in whatever Filter mode you chose with no way out.

The only escape is to go to the top of the interface, hit the control gear and choose 'Refresh Library'. That's annoying. C The control gear offers the option to 'Check for updates' of the app.

But there is no feedback. You have no idea if it checked anything. D Searching is too limited. I understand its limitation to only superficial magazine metadata provided by individual issues. If a magazine doesn't provide publishing year metadata, tough luck.

I understand how searching only within the issues currently listed in the interface can be very useful. But that it can't search outside of currently listed issues can be annoying. I hope they add further functionality. E The page flipping arrows disappear too quickly, which makes it a pain to quickly flip through a series of pages. The interface can be confusing as well and includes some bugs I'd like to see gone. But overall, it has very sane and practical improvements, well beyond anything the Adobe AIR versions provided.

Because the improvements are so impressive, I'm giving it 4 stars. Any less would not be fair. I hope this new version series quickly solves its shortcomings. This does not mean that it will not work on previous versions but is not optimised for these and any issues identified are not supported by ZINIO.

It does NOT formally support App requirements:. Intel 64 OS X Apps you might also like. Speed Reader. Free Books. Adobe Digital Editions. Read and manage eBooks and other digital publications. New and Recently Updated. Kindle Previewer. Preview book layouts; ideal for publishers and authors. Epubor Ultimate. Create beautiful eBooks for iBooks, Kindle, and Nook.


Zinio Reader

Take your favorite magazines with you anywhere and enjoy them online or offline, at home, on holiday, during your commute, on your lunch break, or even during working hours we won't tell :. Get annual subscriptions or buy the most recent issue or past issues of your favorite magazines, including Hello! Merci pour votre avis. Die Auswahl der Zeitschriften variiert stark. Oft sind die Bilder so stark verpixelt, dass sie einfach als unscharf wahrgenommen werden. Das positive, alle Zeitschriften die jemals gekauft wurden sind noch abrufbar.


Readers Digest Australia. PC Magazine. Architectural Digest. Harper's Bazaar.

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