The purpose of the Physics module is to teach basic physics and mathematics with simple applications to biomedical problems. The homogeneity of the preparation for all students is to be obtained in view of the specific knowledge required in the continuation of the Degree Course. In particular, the student must acquire knowledge of some basic laws and physical techniques for the understanding of physiological, biological and medical processes and will have to learn basic concepts useful for the correct use of the instrumentation used in the professional field. Objective of the course is the acquisition of methods for the analysis of biological sequences and structures and the capability of searching in in biological databases eg. Genes, sequences, functional domains. Starting from primary sequences of nucleic acids or proteins can hypothesize the function, evolutionary history and structure.

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Teacher Claudia Patrignani. Credits 7. Teaching Mode Traditional lectures. Language English. Online Lessons. Insegnamenti online - IOL. Course Timetable from Sep 30, to Jun 08, At the end of the course the student acquires elements and concepts of physics which are required for the study of biological, chemical and physiological phenomena, and to understand the principles of operation of diagnostical and analysis instrumentation.

Scientific method: measurement, units, conversions between different units. Orders of magnitudes. Errors: casual and systematic errors. Point-like bodies. Reference systems and description of motion.

Scalar and vector quantities, operations among vectors. Velocity, acceleration. Equation of motion: constant acceleration. Free fall. Circular motion: angular velocity and angular acceleration. Centripetal acceleration.

Frequency, period Newton laws. Contact forces, weight, constraints and reaction forces. Viscous forces in fluids. Elasticity: Hooke's law, Young modulus. Harmonic oscillation. States of matter: fluids. Density, pression. Pascal principle, Stevino's law; Archimede's principle: flotation.

Flow rate, continuity equation. Ideal fluids and Bernoulli law. Real fluids, viscosity. Flow in pipes. Poiseuille law. Laminar and turbulent flow. Reynolds number. Motion in viscous media. Wall tension, surface tension. Laplace law. Thermal equilibruim. Thermal expansion. Temperature scales. Ideal gas law. Kinetic theory of gas: pressure and temperature. Thermodynamic processes. Real gas. Internal energy and heath.

Joule experiment, work. First principle of thermodynamic. Phase changes: fusion, vaporizaton. Fusion and vaporization heath. Vapor pressure, humidity. Electric charge. Coulomb law. Electric field. Gauss theorem. Electric potential. Capacitor energy. Electrical current. Ohm's laws. Joule effect.

Circuits: direct current and alternate current. Parallel and series of resistances and capacitors. Magnetism: magnetic field. Lorentz law, spectrometer. Ampere law, magnetic moment. Magnetic properties of material. Faraday's law. Lenz's law. Mutual and self-inductance. Waves and pulses. Mechanical waves. Harmonic oscillator model. Amplitude, wavelenght, frequency, velocity. Transvers and longitudinal waves. Energy and intensity. Superposition principle.

Fourier theorem. Constructive and destructive interference. Stationary waves. Sound waves. Frequency spectrum, harmonics. Wave diffraction, rays. Reflection, refraction and absorption of light in materials. Snell's law. Total internal reflection and optic fibers. Optical systems and image formation. Mirrors, lenses. Thin lenses. Imaging properties, focal lenght, lensmaker's equation. Optical resolution. Magnifying glass, microscope. Malus' law. Young experiment, slit interference.

Diffraction grating. Elements of modern physics: black-body spectrum. Photons, photoelectric effect. Wave-particle dualism, indetermination principle, de Boglie wavelength. Bohr atom. Radioactive decay. Elements of dosimetry.


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