Samuel Robert Hazo born is an American composer of primarily music for concert band. After elementary and secondary schooling in the Upper St. Clair School District , [1] he gained a bachelor's degree in music education and a master's in education from Duquesne University. Clair School District. Hazo began composing aged 30, [1] and had his first composition published aged

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Samuel R. Strangely enough, both Gershwin and Goodwin share the same initials G. Let it rip. Dur: The result was transfiguring! It first fades like a sunset, then explodes in white light, bringing the audience to their feet. From delicate and sensual soloistic writing to full-blown ensemble passages with rapid fire tutti rhythms and frenzied percussion, here is a rewarding piece with drama and depth that will be the high point of any concert or festival program. Composed to be music for a celebration, this fiery work introduces nine melodic themes over the course of its relatively brief duration.

Using a layering effect as a part of a thematic montage, the intesnity builds to the midpoint of the work where a brief yet powerful chorale offers a break from the frantic pace. The fast tempo returns as the excitement is taken to a new level pushing to the climactic ending. Dynamic brass hits, woodwind runs, shimmering chorales and percussion breaks keep both the player and the listener on seat's edge during this tour-de-force overture.

In alone, this spectacular work opened five All-State concerts. Guaranteed to raise the heart rate of anyone within earshot! Commissioned for the th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede Showband of Calgary, Alberta, Samuel Hazo has created a stunning and inspired work for mature players. A dynamic percussion score is inherent throughout the work all the way to the dramatic finish. Hennepin County Dawn Grade 4. Rest Grade 3. Across the Halfpipe Grade 5.

Purchase - Complete Set. Opening with an Olympic-style brass fanfare to set the tone, this impressive work quickly breaks into a variety of themes and settings representing athletic struggle before recapitulating the fanfare at the end.

Combining brash and aggressive rhythmic figures along with more gentle moments and inventive textures, this impressive work by Samuel Hazo is truly a standout for advanced bands. The piece is built around a four-note motif, which is developed and expanded throughout. A middle section features more of a jazzy flavor with saxes in the spotlight accompanied by finger snaps. The rhythmic intensity returns, building towards a glorious full ensemble affirmation and bringing this exciting work to a powerful conclusion.

Sure to leave your listeners breathless. Known for his lyric writing style and powerful ensemble peaks, Samuel Hazo maximizes the effectiveness of the medium in this stunning work. Guest Conducting Clinics Lectures Commissions. Music CD's Gifts. Composer - Conductor - Lecturer. Dur: Purchase. Purchase Music CD's Gifts.


Ride - Samuel Hazo

Ride was written as a gesture of appreciation for all of the kind things Jack Stamp has done for me: ranging from his unwavering friendship to his heartfelt advice on composition and subjects beyond. The common thread in all of these things was Jack Stamp. I began to receive phone calls from all over the country, inquiring about my music, and when I traced back the steps of how someone so far away could know of my then unpublished works, all paths led to either reading sessions Jack had conducted, or recommendations he made to band directors about the new pieces for wind band. The noblest thing about him was that he never let me reciprocate in any way, not even allowing me to buy him dessert after a concert. All he would ever say is, "just keep sending me music," which I could only take as the privilege it was, as well as an opportunity to give something back that was truly unique.


Samuel Hazo

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