Juber spent three years recording and touring with the band. After Wings disbanded in , Muriel Anderson. Doyle Dykes.

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Chord Melody Guitar Music Just call Toll-Free now!! In a world filled with guitarists who gain success by mastering one style or genre, Laurence Juber is the exception - a jack of all trades and a master of all. As a solo artist Juber has enjoyed a three-decade career recording and performing on acoustic, electric, classical, and 12 string guitars.

He has distilled this wealth of experience into his solo concerts and guitar clinics, as well as in his original compositions. Inspired by the explosive British pop scene of the early '60s, Juber first started playing an acoustic guitar at age He still considers it his most personal form of expression and has chronicled his musical experiences and influences in six collections of original acoustic guitar compositions: Solo Flight ; Naked Guitar ; LJ ; Winter Guitar ; Mosaic ; and his Narada solo debut album, Altered Reality Fusing folk, jazz, pop and classical styles, the albums have received rave reviews from such guitar oracles as Acoustic Guitar and Guitar Player magazines!

A native of London, England, Juber entered the music business in his early teens and quickly established himself as an accomplished and versatile musician. Juber became an in-demand studio player, contributing to many recording including The Alan Parsons Project , the seminal dance artist Cerrone, and the soundtrack to the motion picture The Spy Who Loved Me. He recorded and toured with group for three years, earning rave notices for his work on the hit singles Goodnight Tonight and Coming Up , and on the album Back to the Egg , winning a Grammy award for Best Rock Instrumental for the track Rockestra.

After McCartney folded Wings in , Juber relocated to Los Angeles area to raise a family and to concentrate on composing and studio work. Teamed with his wife, Hope, he has recreated the score to Gilligan's Island, The Musical , and the repertoire of the comedy rock and roll group The Housewives.

Juber, his wife and their daughters live in the Los Angeles area where the guitarist owns a state-of-the-art recording studio. Two-time Grammy winner and former lead guitarist for Paul McCartney and Wings, Laurence Juber is the premier solo acoustic guitarist of his generation. Featuring a half dozen of his most exciting compositions, Juber walks the viewer through each tune step by step discussing the reasons for his musical choices as composer and the technique needed to make these tunes musical in performance.

Laurence Juber Plays "Mosaic". While building your repertoire, Laurence's exercises will improve your speed, fluidity, and coordination! It also features a variety of hammers, pulls, slides, bends, vibrato, octave stretches and a variety of percussive techniques. Give your solo playing more depth and richness! Notation and tab He familiarizes you with the intricacies of this tuning by teaching some of his newest compositions. His brilliance as an arranger becomes evident as you follow the process of his musically creative mind!

Plays The Beatles , Vol. Laurence Juber, Wings lead guitarist and two-time Grammy Award winning fingerstylist, arranged the songs for solo guitar in standard and altered tunings, extensively fingered in notation and tablature.

Features a special one-hour masterclass with Juber on the accompanying CD! His guitar arrangements are beautiful, fluid and stunning - yet never does he sacrifice musicality for technical virtuosity. In the special lesson sections, Laurence walks you through the key aspects and techniques required for each arrangement. In addition, multi-camera angles for close-up viewing of left and right hands as well as several bonus song performances are included.

Laurence Juber Plays "Cobalt Blue". Here's fingerstyle guitarist Laurence Juber displaying his usual combination of technical virtuosity and high caliber musicianship! As a grand finale, Laurence is joined by his "Groovemasters" partner Preston Reed for two powerful duets, "Private Dick" and "Shoganai".

This session is an incredible treat for all lovers of great guitar music! Cross indexing makes this manual extremely easy to use and regardless of what style of music you play, we know you will find this to be a valuable, "must have" addition to your library. Wikipedia article on Laurence Juber Wikipedia article on fingerstyle guitar. Please get in touch with us personally if you have any questions. You can easily place your order Toll Free by calling now!

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