He is the creator of the Super Hero workout available at romanfitnesssystems. Since it would be odd to subscribe to a kettlebell subscriptions and subscription discounts are only for things you need often such as nutritional supplements food and personal care items. If youdecide to use the nutritional supplements shop around and look for the most cost effective way to Buythem which can not mark the novel supports. Conclusion : I think many of my readers are interested in achieving a new level of leanness withoutstarving themselves.

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You rarely get to kill three birds with one stone; but today, I get to do that. You see, with this post, I get to help my friend, myself, and even you; just a few thousand words will gain some exposure for my buddy and display his talents, all while helping me improve my existing stuff.

You benefit from both, as well as a chance to save money. I am not particularly detail oriented. While I think this is what makes me suited for both writing and entrepreneurial pursuits, it has some snags. Or, when writing training programs, my ideas and theories are, I think, particularly compelling and the programming is theoretically amazing…but can be somewhat impractical.

Sean is a smart guy, so when he starts going on about some big ideas, I listen—because sometimes, said ideas may include chowing down on fried chicken and waffles, as evidenced below:. His most recent idea has nothing to do with food sad face , but was pretty fantastic nonetheless: to take the most popular books and programs on the market and review them, honestly and openly, as only an editor can.

Not to promote one or tear down any others—simply to help people see which, if any, would be a good fit for them. You can download it HERE. I just like the way that honorific sounds with his name. It sort of makes him sound like a villain in a comic book, which is mildly relevant to the program in question. Now, when I say Dr. Hyson reviewed the SHW, that is precisely what I mean: he actually read it and gave thoughtful, engaging, exacting and above all, useful insight into the program.

For that, for his honesty, and moreso his attention to detail a virtue of which I am not possessed , I thank Sean sincerely. You will see what he thinks is great, and you will see where he finds it somewhat lacking.

Should you decide on that route, you will be able to save some money by picking up this week. More than any other product reviewed here, The Super Hero Workout really plays up the theatrics of its theme. Roman has competed in bodybuilding, some modeling, and has trained clients ranging from actors to social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk. Both men have written for me at the magazines for years. A super-hero body, they say, looks good in or out of clothes. Protein powder by ProGrade is recommended, as are Fat Gripz thick rubber sleeves you slide onto a barbell or dumbbells to fatten the handle and ValSlides plastic discs that can be used to make exercises more unstable.

Roman and McGorry also make standard suggestions to write down your measurements before you begin, take before photos, keep a training log, and so on. The workout manual itself includes four distinct training phases of varying lengths, broken up by goal.

Workout D, then A, and B in Week 2. Two sessions are done with heavy weights and the other two use complexes —a succession of exercises that flow into one another and can be done with the same load. One complex uses a barbell for low reps and the other uses dumbbells for higher reps, but the goal for each is to move explosively on each rep and quickly between exercises.

You never let the weights rest on the floor. Perform 6 reps of the following exercises in succession. Rest two minutes and then repeat for 4 total sets. The recommended weight to use is 75—95 pounds. In Phase II, the emphasis shifts for two weeks to endurance, building work capacity, and fat burning.

The authors use density training—a method of performing more and more work in a set time frame—and they explain its value while keeping with the super hero theme. This leads you to an abandoned warehouse…. Exhausted from the chase, you reach deep down into your strength reserves and engage in vicious hand to hand combat with the villains. You deliver countless blows… as you pummel them into giving the whereabouts of the explosives.

By giving you a sense of urgency even desperation , you compete with yourself to work harder without extending your stay in the gym. The one for the upper-back and traps goes as follows. Perform 8 to 10 reps of each in sequence, resting only as little as you need to and when you need to.

Repeat for 25 minutes. Your goal is to get through the circuit 3 to 4 times. If you can do it more than four times, you need to up the weights. No matter what, end the workout at the minute mark.

Phase III is about maximum muscle growth, and it lasts four weeks. The schedule shifts to four days of workouts in a single calendar week, and the training is now body-part splits. Arms are also trained on their own day for added stimulation. The sessions now look like this: chest and back in Workout A, hamstrings and calves in B, shoulders and abs in C, and quads and arms in D.

This goes for three weeks. Many of the workouts make use of lifting tempos—the speed at which your reps are done. Controlling or, really, extending the time your muscles spend under tension during a set has been shown in some research to increase muscle growth. Still, the vast majority of big, strong lifters throughout history have simply pumped out their reps. Unquestionably, performing the concentric, upward phase of a lift as fast as possible recruits a greater amount of muscle fibers than doing so slowly, and the authors have included lots of fast concentrics.

My guess is that, at the very least, tempos are useful for beginners who simply need to learn how to coordinate their muscles on reps and master good form. Follow the tempos as prescribed. The authors assign most of the exercises a four-digit tempo. The first number is the time in seconds you should lower the weight. The second number is the length of the pause in the bottom position.

The third digit is the time you should take to lift the weight usually a second or less , and the fourth is time you spend in the lockout position. A tempo of 41X0 on a chin-up, for example, would mean to lower your body from the bar for four seconds, hang for one, pull yourself up as fast as you can, and then lower again. The program was written for both men and women, but the authors admit that much of it so much time devoted to building mass will appeal only to men.

The circuits Del Monte offers are akin to what you see in the original program. The accompanying nutrition plan employs the newly trendy concept of intermittent fasting discussed in more detail in the nutrition section of this book. This fluctuates a bit throughout the phases and is abandoned on workout days in Phase III when maximizing muscle mass is the goal a more typical bodybuilding schedule of frequent eating is given.

You will, however, need to know your body fat percentage, which might require some figuring. There are many calculators available online to help you. Below is a sample schedule for a person who trains in the morning and uses the intermittent fasting approach. A general rundown of what protein, carbs, and fat are and do is also included, along with the warning that carbs and fat should not be combined in excess in the same meal. Most meals should consist mainly of protein and fat sources with carbs kept under 10 grams.

Protein and carb meals can be eaten around workouts their fat content should be less than 10 grams. Tables of food choices appear. In an effort to placate rabid fans of the TRX and other suspension training devices, the authors also offer an all-suspension workout e-book that goes with the Super Hero plan.

That is, use it in your second go-round if you choose to take one, not your first time through all the phases. The workouts include all the popular body-weight moves the TRX people have made famous, and some use a method of descending reps and rest periods. For instance, a set of 14 reps on each exercise followed by 45 seconds rest. Then 12 reps and 40 seconds, 10 reps and 30 seconds, and so on down. You get a lot of workouts.

Unlike with many programs, the authors welcome you to re-boot the plan after 12 weeks and show you how to re-order and re-combine it to emphasize different goals. On top of that you get the suspension workouts, the workouts specifically for the ladies, workout logs, calculators, and the nutrition and supplement guides. Though the core bases are covered with training and nutrition, be aware that there is no discussion of proper warm-ups or mobility work.

Supplements are discussed candidly. Roman and McGorry recommend brand-name products like Athletic Greens and Blue Star Nutraceuticals and even tell you how much of each you should need to complete the program. A good addition here is their hierarchy of supplements list, so you can prioritize what you buy based on the cash you have to spend. The workouts are challenging and, sooner or later, they put you through pretty much every kind of weight training known to man.

Some of the calf training in Phase III impressed me. The bottom, stretched, position of a calf raise is held for 15 seconds—a brutal but effective means of making room in the fascia of this commonly tight muscle for growth. Apart from that, the tongue-in-cheek voice Roman and McGorry use will keep you chuckling even while you read about sets, reps, and calories.

Lots of workout programs just hand you the training and set you loose. The workouts can be hard to do in a commercial gym. The circuits often call for exercises that could have you running back and forth in a typical public gym, competing for equipment. This can be especially problematic when training at a busy time of day. Substitutions are given for many exercises to accommodate a variety of situations, but the fact remains that you might need super speed to get through the workouts before someone interrupts your flow.

Typos and missing words make some crucial directions hard to read. Unfortunately, a slight lack of attention at the printer has its repercussions. You may find you have to contact the authors through their websites to clarify some of the directions. Phase IV may be too tough. Any knowledgeable trainer will tell you that training for muscle size, strength, fat loss, and conditioning in one week can cause gains to halt in each of those departments.

Try it and see what happens. Fortunately, there are still elements of conditioning in the muscle-building phases and power in the fat-loss ones so that you never get away from training any one quality for very long. The periodization is shrewd enough that you should maintain specific gains to a large degree throughout the program.


Behind the Cowl: A Complete Look at Super Hero Fat Loss (and a free workout)

Hey, hear me out. You see, muscle is making a comeback. Like most trends, it all stars in Hollywood. But this is different. Photo: Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures.


What IS The Superhero Workout?

Old school training meets Old Glory styling with these urethane barbell plates. Well, now you can. Or as close as you can get without undergoing genetic mutation, government experiments, or divine intervention. Introducing our Superhero Workout series— fitness tips, exercises, and routines designed to transform you from a mere civilian into the defender of the planet you knew you were always meant to be. Captain America is known for many things: a strong jawline, a somewhat overdeveloped sense of patriotism, and, frankly, great hair. Power and explosivity are skills that any trainee should be able to develop.


Summer Workout That Burns Fat & Builds Muscle

How would you like to look like the Incredible Hulk? How about Superman? If you do, this program was aimed directly at you. This program is about getting you to look the part, to develop physiques like the actors who play them in the movies.


Roman Gets Reviewed: An in Depth Review of the Super Hero Workout (and a sale)

In addition to helping you bring your waist size down, it will bring out your abs, help create dense muscle definition…while increasing endurance, strength, speed and power. Given the popularity of these types of movies, especially now, we think it makes the most sense to start there. And so it is in Hollywood that we begin our discussion; partially of the films themselves, but more so the actors who are chosen to star in them, and the general look of the physiques needed to carry the role. The actors starring film adaptations have gotten enormous amounts of media attention or their bodies. From this powerful torso spring well-developed legs that are muscular enough to balance out the upper body, but still capable of fitting into a suit, or, perhaps even the occasional Star-Spangled unitard. This body is finished off with powerful looking arms that enhance the look with a certain completion , rather than throw off balance by being oversized.

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