To determine the frequency and distribution of ABO and Rh D antigens and, additionally, investigate gene diversity and the structure of Mexican populations. Materials and Methods. Blood groups were tested in , subjects from to For the Rh group,

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En 22 casos 3. De las 2 pacientes Twenty-two women 3. Prophylaxis was given to 2 women Prophylaxis failed in 22 cases; four were women with multiple pregnancy and 18 developed obstetric pathologic conditions.

Failures to prevent isoimmunization were associated to additional obstetric conditions and to lack of adherence to prevention guidelines. La ausencia en la reactividad con el suero anti-D identifica a las mujeres como Rh negativo.

Durante el periodo que va de a , ingresaron por primera vez al Instituto mujeres, de las cuales 4 fueron identificadas como Rh negativo.

De las 4 mujeres Rh negativo, 4 De las pacientes Rh negativo isoinmunizadas, De las 4 mujeres Rh negativo, 2 En las restantes mujeres se administraron de 3 a 6 dosis cuadro II. El grupo con mayor prevalencia fue el O, con Frequency distribution and discrimination probability of twelve protein genetic variants in human blood as functions of race, sex, and gene.

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Anemia tardia en ninos con incompatibilidad Rh y ABO.

ABO and Rh antigens are inherited independently of the HLA complex and are generally not considered primary criteria for donor selection in allogeneic haematopoietic progenitor cell HPC transplantation 1. The terminology for D antigen incompatible transplantations has recently been used in a Canadian study 4 , which detailed the largest cohort of HPC transplantations that are mismatched for the D antigen. Terminology for ABO incompatibility in haematopoietic progenitor cell transplantation. Anti-A and anti-B antibodies occur naturally in all individuals who lack the corresponding antigen. Minor: recipient carries the cognate antigen for a donor antibody. Major: recipient can form the cognate antibody for a donor antigen. The concepts applying to the D antigen are similar to those for the ABO antigens, but not identical 5.


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