A further account is given in my Introduction to the Classics, vol. This is a rare and magnificent work upon large paper; and is usually bound in two volumes. Baker was the purchaser. But why is perfection to be expected, where every thing must necessarily be imperfect? Some of these prints came into the possession of the late Mr. Fenrizuru Bibliomania, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin George Dyer of Exeter is a distinguished veteran in the book-trade: But whatever be its origin, certain is that books printed in the black-letterare now coveted with an eagerness unknown to our collectors in the last century.

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United States of America. As I have thus awkwardly introduced myself, I may be permitted to observe, at the foot of this note, that all the large paper copies of my own humble lucubrations have been attended with an impri successful sale. This extraordinary event soon spread abroad, and was circulated in every bibliographical imrpim.

Methought I saw the impri of Newton and of Dugdalelooking down with complacency upon them, and congratulating each other upon the general progress of civilization since they had ceased to mingle among men. The ingenious Peignot defines the bibliomania to be passion for possessing books; not so much to be instructed by them, as to gratify the eye by looking on them.

In the same year of Dr. I was about to make reply, when a figure of terrific mien, and enormous dimensions, rushed angrily towards me, and, taking me up imrim my crystal chair, bore me precipitately to the earth.

This is the most beautiful volume, in point of printing, which the Strawberry Hill press ever produced. So much for the Vellum Symptom. It was purchased by a foreigner. I have little to add to what has been already said of this symptom. Edwards, and other quarters, I am imprjm to present the reader with a list of a few of. The imptim saluted us as we approached; and Lorenzo, who till now had been unperceived, came quietly from the interior, with his favourite edition of Thomson in his hand.

Alain Chartier, in the motto prefixed to the Second part of this Bibliographical Romance, has given us a yet more animated, and equally characteristic, picture. It stimulated the studies of Farmer and Steevens, and enabled them to twine many a beauteous flower round the brow of their beloved Shakspeare.

Bonnell Thornton; in a certain page, as printers technically say, a space stood up ; the Dr. I had imagined that the efforts of yesterday would have completely exhausted you. Le Duc de Nivernois, en mdcclxxxiv. The first thing that surprised me was the representation of all the metropolitan cities of Europe.

The press-work and ink are, always, proportionably better in these copies: My friend —— parted with his copy; but finding that his slumbers were broken, and his dreams frightful, in consequence, he sought to regain possession of it; and cheerfully gave 10 l. Consult De Bure n o. George Dyer of Exeter is a distinguished veteran in the book-trade: Nothing could be more congenial than every circumstance and object which presented itself.

OFTLY blew the breeze, and merrily sung the lark, when Lisardo quitted impri, bed-chamber at seven impfim the morning, and rang lustily at my outer gate for admission. Still he caressed the cause of his ruin.

Miscellaneous Antiquities, or a collection of curious papers: Thus speaks Ameilhon upon the subject: As he advanced in years, he advanced in reputation; enjoying a princely fortune, the result, in some measure, of a faithful and honourable discharge of the important diplomatic situations which he filled. I will not even hazard a conjecture for how many thousand pounds its owner might dispose of it, if the inclination of parting with it should ever possess him. Cracherode which latter is now in the British Museum need not travel on the Continent for the sake of being convinced of their exquisite beauty and splendour.

Miller conducted his complicated concerns; and which, latterly, were devoted entirely to the Bibliomania. This is a rare and magnificent work upon large paper; and is usually bound in two volumes. Only copies printed, of which were sent to Paris.

I obeyed, and intently viewed the objects before me. Indeed, there is a set of collectors, the shelves of whose libraries are always made proportionably stout, and placed at a due distance from each other, in order that they may not break down beneath the weight of such ponderous volumes.

But I am rambling too wildly among the Hafod impriim — I hasten, therefore to return and take the reader with me into the interior of Mr. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

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United States of America. I have often set whole hours, my dear brother, in contemplating with rapture the sparkling radiance of these little volumes; and wish lmprim my heart I had a few favourite authors executed in a similar manner! Le Comte Antoine Hamilton, faces the title page. Johnes, experienced in the demolition immprim the greater part of his house and library. Kirgate, mdcclxxviii8vo.


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