Page Count: Pleas e read before usin g this e quipmen t. Shi nagaw a-ku ,. T okyo , J apan.

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Page Count: Pleas e read before usin g this e quipmen t. Shi nagaw a-ku ,. T okyo , J apan. Calif ornia , U. Ontario M3J 2M9, Ca nada. Victoria , A ustrali a. Wilhelm- W agenfel d-Str. Phone 08 33 7 P ar is Nord Il,. Cede x, F rance. Viale C. Colombo 8 , T rezzano. Leuve nsesteenweg -B6,. Operating Instr uct ions. Normal op eration Alternat e operation Accessory List T urning Power On an d Off Detaching and Attaching the Front Panel Initial System Start-Up Adjusting V olume Setting the T ime and Calendar How to V iew th e Display Listening to Radio Presetting Stations Manually Presetting Stations Automatically T uning to Preset Stations Receiv ing a Multicast Station.

HD Radio mode o nly Changin g the Displ ay. Alphabet Skip Functio n Search Position Memory Random Play Shuf fle Random Play Shuf fle All Repeat Play Changing the Display P andora Radio iPhone. How to V iew the Display Listening to Pandora Searching for a Desi red Station Alphab et Searc h Search by Da te Added Bookmarkin g a Desired Song or Artis t Selecting a Disc Changer Optional Multi-Changer Selection Optional Rando m Play..

Searching for C D T rack Number. CD changer o nly USB mem ory mode Portable audio player mode MP3 Cha nger mo de Setting the Bass Control Setting the Bass Center Frequency Setting the Bass Bandwidth Setting the T reble Control Adjusting the High Pass Filter Setting the Clock Display Clock Mo de Setting of Cale ndar Display Patt ern Swi tching.

Calenda r T ype Setting Dayli ght Sa ving T ime. Dayligh t T ime Sound Beep Gu ide Fun ction Setting T one Defeat for External Dev ices. Int Audio Connecting to an Extern al Amplif ier. Po wer IC Setting the Languag e Language Demonstr ation D emo Disp lay Sett ing. Changi ng Lighting Color Illum ination Dimmer Control Dimmer Setting the Display Dim mer.

Dimmer Le vel Scroll S etting T ext Sc roll Downloading the W all paper. BGV Do wnload Station Call Storin g the Au dio A djust men t Le v el. User Pres et Recalling the Audio Adjustm ent Le v el Setting the MX L ev el. MX Le vel Adju stment Subwo ofer On a nd Of f Subw o ofer Setting the Su bwoofer Subw oofer System Recei ver Optional Storing Channel Presets Receiv ing Stored C hannels Stor ing th e desi red S ports T e am. Storing while recei ving a gam e broadcast Game Alert Setup Recalling the stored inf ormation.

Search Function Select the des ired Cate gory. Receiv ing W eather or T raff i c Information from. SA T Ra dio Setting the Auxiliary Data Field Display Changing MultEQ mode Adjusting Sound S etting in Manual Mode


Alpine IDA-X305 User Manual

Quick Links. See also: Quick Reference Manual. Digital Media Receiver. Table of Contents. Alpine electronics digital media receiver owner's manual 48 pages.


Connections – Alpine iDA-X305S User Manual

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Colombo 8, Trezzano Make sure the iDA-XS will not be installed in a location Doing so may result in an accident, fire or electric shock.


Alpine iDA-X305S Owner's Manual



Alpine iDA-X305


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