Printable version. Thumper Crew Trollbloods are the most powerful mobile artillery possessed by the Trollbloods. Originally naval cannons donated to the kriels, thumpers fire devastating cannonballs that punch through walls of enemy fortifications and flatten their warbeasts. The trollkin-designed pummeler instead fires devastating chain shot used for breaking troop formations from a distance, ideal for thinning enemy lines and mowing down anything in its firing arc. Trollbloods Command Book Hard Cover provides the foundation you need to muster the mighty trollkin and their full-blood troll allies to battle with:. Blinded by generations in subterranean lairs, Hordes Trollbloods Night Trolls rely on other senses to stalk their prey under cover of darkness.

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Do you like WarmaHordes, but you feel its not full enough of drunken soccer hooligans? Me too! Welcome to Trollbloods! Check the Tactics Corner for more great articles! A faction full of tough as nails clans of trollkin, with armies full of troll Warbeasts capable of controlling the elements, to powerful shamans, to Kriel champions, and lethal bards called Fell Callers! The trollkin in Hordes are a mix of Scottish and Native American themes. Historically the Trollblood clans, called Kriels by trollkin themselves, have not traditionally been unified.

Since then it has not exactly been smooth sailing, as during and after the events of Devastation, afterwhich Madrak decided that it would be best for the United Kriels to leave their ancestral homeland and make for a more isolated land to try to call their own.

The themes explored in Trollbloods can be very diverse. With each kriel comes a potentially completely different culture, and the trollkin bring all of them to the party!

From grim Dhunian shamans who draw power from the god, Dhunia, manifesting as a mix of cold and protective themed powers, to other units which are essentially drunk Scottish soccer hooligans. Trollkin warlocks are generally either offensive or defensive. He has Field Marshal Relentless Charge, which gives his battlegroup pathfinder when they charge.

No limit to number of times, and the target can be knocked down, stationary, or whatever. This ability alone makes Madrak one of the hardest Warlocks to kill in the game! His spell list is pretty short due to his low Fury stat, but his Feat is crazy! Next we look at Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws. He has high speed, good defensive stats, throws bombs and has a giant maul called Trauma.

When you put this all together, you can stop your opponent from killing you with ranged on the turn they would otherwise alpha strike you, and if they try to tarpit you by charging you, your battlegroup can counter charge the models trying to do it and kill a bunch of them on their own turn, very cool!

The Warbeasts in Trollbloods are very interesting. They have a variety of elemental trolls, like fire, lightning, earth, etc. The warrior models in the Trollbloods are an eclectic bunch, made up of all kinds, from the Northkin Fire Eaters, who breathe fire, and get a bunch of bonuses from being on fire, including an armor buff, boosted to hit and damage, and no knockdown, which on a tough model is quite cool. The Trollbloods are a very cool faction, with a lots of very tough, very hard hitting models which when properly fielded can become a very hard nut to crack on the table.

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