Here you will find many of the hymns of the Daime with words and recordings, information about the Daime's history and people, and much more. If you have any questions, contributions, or would just like to say hello, please get in touch. It's been 10 years since I first set up nossairmandade. In that time I've learned a whole lot about the Daime that I didn't know when I started. I've also learned a lot about making websites.

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Palavras do nosso guia espiritual que muito nos inspiram e ensinam o caminho do bem viver. Viva o Santo Daime!

Ele cresceu e por ter o padrinho como patrono, recebia cuidados especiais. Mas para a surpresa de todos, no alto do Continue nos acompanhando! Contamos com seu apoio. Divulgue a campanha! Viva os Aniversariantes! Com p Viva os aniversariantes de Maio! Nos vemos aqui no Facebook do Canal Jagube ao meio dia deste domingo.

Viva os aniversariantes! A campanha continua! Viva a Nova Era! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. See more of Canal Jagube on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Wiliane Da Silva. MM See More. Information about Page Insights Data. Canal Jagube added an event. Words from our spiritual guide that inspire us and teach the way of good living. Check out this reading and keep following our programming! See More. Maranhese cultural traditions that serve as references to the doctrine of Saint Daime, marked the inauguration of a chapel erected there in the backyard where the Master lived much of his youth.

The construction of this chapel meets a call of Dona Rita Serra, who demonstrates true faith in her cousin Raimundo Irineu Serra. The approximately minute documentary has its pre-release scheduled for June 13, starting at 20 pm on Facebook from Jagube Channel. It will be two consecutive sessions, one with English caption and the other with caption in Spanish. Jagube Channel broadcast the Concentration meeting last Saturday, in honor of the birthdays godmother Albertina and Raoni.

Another moment of connection between the brotherhood of Santo Daime in Brazil and the world, forming this universal current that heals us and inspires us. Once again, the apex moment of the meeting was the appearance of our Matriarch, Godmother Rita, who gave us all her joy and beauty straight from her balcony in our matrix community. We are very happy to have made this contact more possible and are still connected for the upcoming schedules.

Long live Holy Daime! Canal Jagube was live. Godfather Alfredo invites all the brotherhood to accompany this Saturday, May 30th, from 13 pm on a live on Facebook and Youtube from Jagube Channel. See you in Concentration! He grew up and having his godfather as a patron, he received special care. In we had a huge forest fire that devastated our entire area.

In the jagubal, what was not lost, was all frosty and we had to make an emergency temper to enjoy what was left.

He became a general and was used in three ways. Next Friday, another archive revealing magical moments of our doctrine, in the 'Journey through Memory of Doctrine' session. Keep following us! With great satisfaction, we will be reunited again this Saturday, May 30th, at the meeting for concentration, conducted by the sky of Maria, organization of Casa Cocar de Maria NY , broadcast on Facebook and Youtube of Jagube Channel and Radio Jagube The best of the best of the The meeting is a presentation of ICEFLU-New Dimension and will have the participation of Godfather Alfredo and family, as well as connected brothers and sisters everywhere in the world.

It will be 13 pm from Brasilia , come with us and let's connect together in concentration! We count on your support. Spread the campaign! Spread the news! Next Saturday, the It will be from 13 pm on Facebook and Youtube Jaube Channel. This Concentration also honors the birthdays Raoni and Godmother Albertina.

Long live the Birthdays! Long live our Concentration! Canal Jagube went live. This live video has ended. May 30 at AM. Watch Now. Your content expands time and brings us very valuable words to understand these times we are going through. We start the week with these words of a lot of firmness! Listen and share. Honoring all the birthdays of May, especially our dear sister Rute Raulino, we present another live this weekend.

The hymnal played was 'The Message' from Godmother Cristina, with great teachings and messages that makes us reflect how important it is to remain connected in prayer for planetary healing! Long live the May Birthdays! Long live our union! The driving will be of Godfather Alfredo and his family, with the presence of the honor and with several special participation.

We'll see you here on Jagube Channel Facebook at noon this Sunday. Long live the original families of Santo Daime! Long live the birthdays! His humble house, on Epaminodas Jacome Street, in front of the Acre River was the headquarters of the expansion of the Doctrine and mandatory stop for those who came to Rio do Gold or the Colony Five Thousand.

Today is the day to celebrate! But we don't stop here! The campaign continues! We still have a road ahead to support the health and protection of our communities. Consultations took place at Santa Casa and at the community health post with medical, veterinary, vaccination, quick tests and various guidelines both COVID 19 and other diseases. Donated alcohol gel and disposable masks.

They brought medicine and tests for malaria and covid Everything was done with the help and support of the local health team and volunteers who received the residents, made the guidelines and directed to the consultations. All residents were oriented to wear homemade masks, keep distance and avoid agglomerations during calls, to ensure awareness and safety of all. As a safety measure to combat malaria, our local edemics agent is already performing quick tests and with the help of volunteers exterminating possible mosquito creators.

And we are also already waiting for poison for spraying throughout the community. One of the achievements for the community is that now our health post is running Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 12 am and from 14 pm to 17 pm in the afternoon, with 2 nurses, 1 edemics agent, a health agent and a dentist. We thank all the institutions involved and volunteers for all the support given to the community.

Today at 17 pm, [Instituto Nova Era]'s conversation wheel will be with Ailton Krenak, environmentalist and writer, one of the main indigenous references in Brazil. Long live the New Age!


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