The english version of this project has been restored, as Digital Manga has not done anything with the novel for more than a year. A manga adaptation by Yoshino Koyoka started serialization in the seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive on September 26, An anime adaptation began airing on April 14, and concluded on June 30, An OVA was released on December 21, Tokyo Butei High School A special school where armed detectives, also known as "Butei", are trained.

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When one meets an unidentified armed group, it is theorized that they should first get a grasp of the enemies' battle power. Jeanne, Reki and the person who had talked to me earlier She didn't seem to be an enemy, but However, seeing that she appeared together with that "Witch of Sand" Patra, I have to stay alert. Because, the instant I turn my back on this place, I will probably be shot by all those assembled here.

Even though I just want to be able to be a boring male high school student with an ordinary life Once, we kept ourselves hidden in the darkness of our countries, passing down our respective battle techniques and knowledge—chasing that which we sought, scrambling over that which we sought. Along with the power-gain of IU, that conflict was arrested, but With a nuclear submarine as its headquarters, it was the name of that organization, the place where the Jeanne that was standing here and other outlaw superhumans were trained.

Two months ago, I fought with their leader—Aria's great-grandfather, Sherlock Holmes It should have been. Eyelashes long enough to not need mascara, an impressive mole under her eye, she—outside of her beautiful face and neck, none of her white skin was exposed.

Her developed body wrapped in a pure white robe with golden embroidery, the hand which was holding a small rosarius also clothed in a long, white glove, she was wearing clothing which completely covered her skin. Probably , which is to say—she was properly wearing light makeup, and because, added to the fact that she was a sexy, beautiful woman Which organization IU, holding exceptional battle strength, was going to ally with was kept silent until the last, and as such, for fear of an "enemy who would receive IU's aid", none could take action against one another Do you not wish to protect such a precious peace?

I don't know who you are, but you're good. You said something really good. You seem like a good person. Learning from the experience of peace, let us combine our knowledge and achieve peace, and as for avoiding this useless fighting—". Diagonally behind her, interrupting was the witch in a black robe who had been staring at the nun, it seemed her name was Meiya, from the beginning.

Her short body wrapped in pitch black velvet, she was wearing a black peaked hat, and even a large raven was politely perching on her shoulder. Even I, who was completely alien to SSR matters, understood with just one look. If she wasn't a witch, she was a fake. Looking around 14 years old, her black hair tied up into a bob, on one eye she was wearing a burgundy eyepatch. Former Nazi Germany's Hakenkreuz. You attacked my familiar in Dusseldorf.

The hell are you saying. Your very existence is a stain on the Earth. I feel no hesitation against exterminating and annihilating your ilk. I do not see any reason for your existence anywhere in the Old Testament , the New Testament , or the Apocrypha contained in the Bible. On an appropriate Holy Date, I have already planned to burn you with Holy Fire, rip your corpses into 8 pieces, and let them flow into several different rivers, so—say thank you. SAY IT! Completely changed from her calm demeanor of earlier, constricting the witch's neck and shouting, Meiya Yes, this is war!

The war with the Vatican I've been waiting for! This amazing chance, I won't let it go! Right, Hilda! Even though the tiny witch was being held up by the neck, she spoke to another girl while cackling.

My eyes were once against drawn towards the space between the lips which had just released such a dangerous line. Could it be On the contrary to her peaceful words at the beginning. As always, the Vatican is so blissfully ignorant. Like I asked my father to tell me, for centuries, they haven't changed at all from the way they were in the past. Hohoho , placing her crimson-manicured fingers in her mouth, the bat-girl laughed, her rolled up golden twin-tails shaking—her name is Hilda, huh?

The frilly and sparkly part was the same as Riko's Sweet Lolita , but the color was based upon pitch black, radiating an ominous, decadent, demonic feeling. In June, when we had fought in Yokohama , it was the same as what was on Dracula Vlad's body an eyeball design. She was fair complexioned, so, in a location where it was very similar to the garter belt's string, it was very difficult to notice. This was the second time I had seen one, so my surprise was little, but, even so Interrupting with a carefree voice was, a smart man who was dressed in colorful Chinese cultural clothing.

Because, from the beginning, for as long as the Yangtze River , tangled relationships and alliances have existed like in the Yellow River. The fact that, along with Sherlock's demise, IU collapsed, and we would once again be thrown into war. So, the meeting of this "Bandire" too was decided during his lifetime.

We cannot avoid battle. Because, in that manner, we sustain ourselves. Deducing from Jeanne's words, in this world, there are several underground groups like this which these people belong to.

IU was one of them. Vlad's race of vampires too, the organization Ranban which the Kokos had talked about too, Reki's Ulus too, they were probably those.

And, they stand against one another, form alliances with one another, fiercely competing with each other. Not having been destroyed during that time—sending messengers here—as for those things, their relationship was one of close competition. With a nuclear submarine armed with tactical missiles , they had a high battle ability and stealth, also, apparently staying neutral in the Other world, no matter whose eyes you looked from, they were a dangerous existence. If your own enemy becomes allies with IU, in the end, the power balance will be broken Because, who would suddenly take that which was stuck in the table, the knife that was IU, they did not know.

It seems that, in the Bandire 86 years ago, it was in French, but I pray you forgive me for translating it into Japanese. Clause one. No matter the time, anyone can declare war upon anyone. The battle is something that will conform to the rules of a confrontation, but surprise attacks, sneak attacks, spying, use of magic, and insults are allowed.

Clause two. For the sake of avoiding boundless slaughter, the use of ordinary soldiers who are unworthy of the confrontation is forbidden. This takes priority over clause one. Each organization sent out representatives of battle, just like in a card game, and based upon the confrontations of those representatives, victory and defeat was decided.

There did not appear to be any specific rules pertaining to the number of confrontations as well as the headcount of the representatives, but in short, large amounts of soldiers being sent out like in modern warfare and turning either side into a bloodbath was forbidden. At the point in time where one's own organization no longer had any powerful warriors, one had to raise a white flag—was how it was, right?

The style of battle was rather ancient, but it wasn't nonexistent. It was like in Japan, where such a thing occurred during the Heian period. Warriors carrying the names of their respective areas would duel in order. The battle will primarily be split into two alliances, 'Deen' [2] and 'Grenada' [3]. These ancient names are maintained as a sign of respect for the previous generations of fighters who had come before us, it is something that is not to be changed for all eternity.

Changing affiliations after the declaration is not forbidden, but based upon the prideful ones assembled here I believe that the matter will be resolved appropriately. Next, we will begin the declaration of alliances The nun of the Vatican, Meiya is in 'Deen'. Katze Grasse of the witches division as well as Dracula Hilda is in 'Grenada'.

There should be no changes of affiliation, correct? Apparently finished with stating the rules, Jeanne called out the names of the three women who were talking earlier. The Vatican was originally 'Deen', exterminating the tainted of 'Grenada'. The founders of Legio Deen. As I was born, it was already decided that I was to be part of the kin of darkness—'Grenada'.

Tamamo, is it not the same for you as well? The fox-girl, having been called Tamamo, stepped out, the sound of clogs clacking on the floor ringing out—. Her ears, having been turned towards Jeanne up until just now—those pointed ears, sticking out of the top of her head, swiveled towards Hilda.

This girl This time, I'll be 'Deen'. This is only a rumour, but it's because the modern Hotogi have an alliance with the Christian church. Patra, come this way as well. Just now, didn't you say Hotogi? And added to that, you seem to be acquaintances with Patra and Hilda. Apparently, with ability users and monsters, relationships that I did not know about existed, and by that, she too seemed to be my ally. It was rather piecemeal, but I could read that from the atmosphere. Before the mist, having been called out to by Tamamo, Patra, twirling a gigantic crystal ball atop her finger—.


Hidan no Aria Manga Volume 8

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Hidan no Aria:Volume8

A manga adaptation by Yoshino Koyoka started serialization in the seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive on September 26, An anime adaptation aired between April and June An original video animation OVA episode was released on December 21, The Butei holders are trained in various specialized fields, and are permitted to possess various weapons and capture criminals. At this school, students with an aptitude for the work undertake special training in order to learn the path of the Butei. Shortly after Kinji decides to quit the Academy due to personal reasons, he is attacked by the Butei Killer, a criminal notorious for eliminating Butei—a case of the hunters becoming the hunted. The elite Butei Assault prodigy Aria H.


Volume 8 - Tornado High

When one meets an unidentified armed group, it is theorized that they should first get a grasp of the enemies' battle power. Jeanne, Reki and the person who had talked to me earlier She didn't seem to be an enemy, but However, seeing that she appeared together with that "Witch of Sand" Patra, I have to stay alert. Because, the instant I turn my back on this place, I will probably be shot by all those assembled here.

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