Embed Size px x x x x Rozdzia 1 W cigu jednego dnia i jednej nocy Rozdzia 2 Gdzie jest Atlantyda? Rozdzia 6 Kiedy zostaa zniszczona Atlantyda? Sam dwik tego sowa budzi fascynacj, ciekawo i niedowierzanie, w poczeniu z pragnieniem, aby wszystko, co si o niej mwi, mogo by prawd. Cae pokolenia badaczy i poszukiwaczy czya obsesja na punkcie tej zaginionej cywilizacji, a miliony ludzi, ktrzy przeczytali choby jedn z niezliczonych ksiek na ten temat, zastanawiay si, czy krtka relacja o zatopionym miecie pozostawiona przez Platona jest tylko jak wielu twierdzio mitem, a zatem, z definicji, wyimaginowan rzecz lub osob przedstawion tak, jakby istniaa naprawd. W moich ksikach, opartych na tekstach zapisanych tysice lat temu przez Sumerw na glinianych tabliczkach, zmierzyem si z tytanicznym zadaniem udokumentowania i udowodnienia, e wydarzenia, o ktrych pisay staroytne ludy, nie byy mitami, wytworami nadmiernie wybujaej wyobrani.

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Rodzaju Na podstawie:. A synami Ramy byli Saba i Dedan. A synami Elama byli Suszan, Machul i Harmon. Gdzie on jest? Tak czyniono codziennie. Wszyscy oni wyruszyli i wybudowali sobie miasta. I ci ludzie pozostali z Abramem w jego domu. Na pewno mi powiecie. Dlaczego mi to robisz? I tak czynili zawsze cztery razy do roku.

A synami Mibsama byli Obadia, Ebdemelek i Jesu. A synami Chadada byli Azur, Minzar i Ebdemelek. A synami Temy byli Seir, Sadon i Jakol. A synami Kedmy byli Kalip, Tachti i Omir.

Zatrzymaj sobie to, co masz. Pan jest naszym Bogiem, on nas ocali. A synami Jalama byli Ala, Finor i Kenaz. Po co przychodzisz dzisiaj do nas? Czego od nas chcesz? Dlaczego dzisiaj mi to czynicie i jak teraz spojrzycie na naszego ojca, Jakuba? Dlatego idziemy dalej. Dlatego teraz, sprzedajcie go nam, a my damy wam za niego, co chcecie. I przyprowadzili je do kraju Kanaan, do domu swego ojca.

And the Lord said unto him, What hast thou done? And the wives of Lamech heard what Lamech had done, and they sought to kill him. May the king live! And the beasts overpowered them and drove them from that place, and every man went his way and they again scattered themselves upon the face of the earth.

And Terah answered his son Abram and said, Behold those who created us are all with us in the house. Thou speakest lies to me. Are they not wood and stone, and have I not myself made them, and canst thou speak such lies, saying that the large god that was with them smote them? It is thou that didst place the hatchet in his hands, and then sayest he smote them all.

Can those idols in which thou trustest deliver thee? And Nimrod and all his princes and servants were that day sitting before him, and Terah sat also before them. And Abram answered the king in the words that he spoke to his father, and he said, The large god that was with them in the house did to them what thou hast heard. And Abram answered the king, saying, And if there be no power in them why dost thou serve them and cause the sons of men to err through thy follies?

And why wilt thou not sense the God of the whole universe, who created thee and in whose power it is to kill and keep alive? And wilt thou and thy people rise up now and do like unto this work, in order to bring down the anger of the Lord God of the universe, and to bring evil upon thee and the whole earth? Thus has he done to him, and I ordered him to be brought before me, and thus has he spoken; his heart did not misgive him, neither did he stir in my presence, and behold now he is confined in the prison.

Now tell me truly, how didst thou; and if thou shalt speak truth thou shalt be acquitted. And the king said, How couldst thou do this thing, to transgress my orders and to give me a child that thou didst not beget, and to take value for him? Tell me, do not hide aught from me, and then thou shalt not die.

And the king, princes, and inhabitants of the land, seeing that Abram was delivered from the fire, they came and bowed down to Abram. And Sarai, wife of Abram, was barren; she had no offspring in those days. Arise, let us go together to the land of Canaan, that we may be delivered from his hand, lest thou perish also through him in the latter days.

And when they came as far as the land of Haran they remained there, for it was exceedingly good land for pasture, and of sufficient extent for those who accompanied them. And Abram rose and took his wife and all belonging to him, and he went to the land of Canaan as the Lord had told him; and Abram was fifty years old when he went from Haran. And Lot the son of his brother Haran went with him, and Abram was seventy-five years old when he went forth from Haran to return to the land of Canaan.

What is this thing thou doest in the town to thy servants, not to suffer a dead body to be buried until so much silver and gold be given? Was there ever the like unto this done in the whole earth, from the days of former kings yea even from the days of Adam, unto this day, that the dead should not be buried only for a set price?

Surely you will tell me. Now open thou the chest and give tithe to the king of all that it contains. Why didst thou say, She is my sister, owing to which I took her unto me for a wife, and this heavy plague has therefore come upon me and my household.

And Pharaoh took more cattle, men servants and maid servants, and silver and gold, to give to Abram, and he returned unto him Sarai his wife. Dost thou not know that I am a stranger in this land amongst the children of Canaan, and why wilt thou do this unto me? Now I beseech thee let there be no more quarrelling between us, for we are kinsmen. And he said to him, That thou my lord shalt give me the cord and the mantle made with divers colors which thou didst conceal with thee in thy house to take care of it.

And she still kissed him and embraced him, and she gave Abraham instructions concerning him. If he be hungry give him bread, and if he be thirsty give him water to drink; do not let him go on foot, neither let him sit in the sun. And Abraham knew that they were not accepted before the Lord to go with them, and Abraham said to them, Abide ye here with the ass whilst I and Isaac my son will go to yonder mount and worship there before the Lord and then return to you.

And she continued to weep and said, It grieves me for thee, O my son, my son Isaac, O that I had died this day in thy stead. O how, how hast thou left me! And the children of Zimran were Abihen, Molich and Narim. Esau was a designing and deceitful man, and an expert hunter in the field, and Jacob was a man perfect and wise, dwelling in tents, feeding flocks and learning the instructions of the Lord and the commands of his father and mother.

And Jacob acted wisely with Esau in this matter, and Esau sold his birthright to Jacob, for it was so brought about by the Lord. And he said, I am thy first born Esau, I have done as thou didst order me, now therefore rise up I pray thee, and eat of my hunt, in order that thy soul may bless me as thou didst speak unto me.

And Esau knew that his brother Jacob had done this, and the anger of Esau was kindled against his brother Jacob that he had acted thus toward him. Surely I served thee for Rachel, and why didst thou deceive me and didst give me Leah? And Esau said unto them, O then, my lord and brother Jacob is your lord, whom I have not seen for these twenty years, and now that I have this day come to see him, do you treat me in this manner?

Surely it was because Shechem had humbled our sister, and transgressed the command of our God to Noah and his children, for Shechem took our sister away by force, and committed adultery with her.

Is it then for naught that they have done all this? Surely to those weak ones amongst us you did those things, and slew them in the entrance of the city, for they had no strength when they were terrified at the sound of your shouting. Surely here you will all die, and we will avenge the cause of those cities that you have laid waste.

Cast him into this pit to die there, but stretch not forth a hand upon him to spill his blood; and Reuben said this in order to deliver him from their hand, to bring him back to his father.

And Joseph was afraid of the serpents and scorpions that were in the pit. And Joseph cried out with a loud voice, and the Lord hid the serpents and scorpions in the sides of the pit, and they did no harm unto Joseph. And if I have sinned unto you, are you not the sons of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

And the proposal pleased his brethren and they did according to the word of Judah. And the Midianites cried out against them, and they drew their swords, and approached to fight with the sons of Jacob. Now therefore sell him unto us, and we will give you all that you require for him; and the Lord was pleased to do this in order that the sons of Jacob should not slay their brother. And the men proceeded on the road, and they passed along the road of Ephrath where Rachel was buried.

O how have they stripped me of my coat, and sold me already twice for a slave, and separated me from my father, and there is no one to pity me. And she continued to speak like unto these words unto Joseph, and she was still. Let us hold counsel what to do to this slave. Joseph my son, where art thou, and where hast thou been drawn?

But Zelicah would not hearken to Joseph when he spoke these words unto her, but she daily enticed him to listen to her. And Jacob the father of Joseph, and all his brethren who were in the land of Canaan still mourned and wept in those days on account of Joseph, for Jacob refused to be comforted for his son Joseph, and Jacob cried aloud, and wept and mourned all those days.

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Rodzaju Na podstawie:. A synami Ramy byli Saba i Dedan. A synami Elama byli Suszan, Machul i Harmon.


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Evelyn Klengel-Brandt has 13 books on Goodreads with 30 ratings. Horst Klengel has 18 books on Goodreads with 33 ratings. Heads of pins from northern Italy and the Alps areas also show evidence of modular decoration Fig. This is suggested by the finds of metal parts of horse harnesses and moulds for their production from Milejowice 19 Bugaj et al. Such a text had, therefore, a modular structure. They were treated as a ic of information on general culture, including ways of understanding the world, its mythologizing and ways of idh.

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