Need eye-catching visuals to accompany your music? Check the link for examples! Digital or print, presentations or roll-ups, logos or illustrations, banners or posters, cover image or booklets, website or magazine, sleek or vibrant, serious or playful The design is always adapted to the client's needs. Need help with all the visual things?

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I have a 20 year long career as an Art Director. I look forward what I can do for You. Please have a look at my portfolio or my pattern portfolio. Olen toiminut alalla noin 20 vuotta. Odotan innolla, miten voisin palvella juuri Sinua. Illustrations Illustrations for magazines and books, mascots, comics, posters and pattern design.

Consept Design Visual brand identities, visual concepts for exhibitions and events, layout concepts for magazines and books. I study filmmaking in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Opiskelen Metropolia ammattikorkeakoulussa kuvauksen ja leikkauksen linjalla. Under our trade name LuodoMedia , we offer Cinematography, Video productions, Visual media and Photography as a service. Sanna Kallio Collection is a new brand of stationery, homewares and gifts featuring Sanna Kallio's illustrations.

Products are on sale at Luodo Shop and at retailers in Finland. For resale or commissions please feel free to contact Sanna Kallio. Sanna Kallio Collection on uusi paperi-, lahja- ja sisustustavaramerkki, joka perustuu Sanna Kallion kuvituksiin. Sanna's specialities are Graphic Design, Illustrations and Media. Jani is managing the company and your contact person regarding agreements and billing.

Ossi's branch is Photography and Video Production. The name 'Luodo' is a wordplay with company's roots in Finland and in Finnish language — with an English twist.

Luodo was founded Its original name was 'Sign Design', which has been changed to 'Luodo' in Luodo toimi Lontoossa vuosina — Luodo is a family business and a professional home of experts in Visual Design and Art. We work as independent professionals but we have a lot in common: As well as we are family members, we share the same professional passion to create. Consept Design Visual brand identities, visual concepts for exhibitions and events, layout concepts for magazines and books Layouts Magazines, books, annual reports Campaings Adverts, banners, cartons, business gifts.


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