Gates and Akabas identify several practical strategies for easing peer providers into traditional mental health agencies based on interview data collected from 21 agencies in New York City. Policy strategies, which can be enacted immediately, include agency adoption of a recovery orientation, minimization of peer versus professional job distinctions, and peer provider job security, dignity, and control over disclosure of disabilities. Practice strategies, which require time to establish and become routine, include clear job tasks, sharing of client information between peer and nonpeer staff, cooperative service planning, and supervision of peer providers by professionals. Ideally, recovery-oriented policies facilitate peer provider integration as they are realized through empowering agency practices. Although derived from very different data sources, the strategic approach to peer staff integration proposed by Gates and Akabas closely resembles an intervention, called the Jigsaw Classroom, that was designed to ease the tensions of public school desegregation in the s Aronson ; Aronson and Patnoe ; Aronson et al.

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Wirksamkeit von Lehrmethoden

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P├Ądagogische Psychologie (M1)

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