Gerald Celente predicts a none-too-pretty trajectory of U. Critics charge that his forecasts flow chiefly from intuition. Celente was speaking by phone from Kingston, New York, where his company is headquartered. A sunny spot?

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Gerald Celente predicts a none-too-pretty trajectory of U. Critics charge that his forecasts flow chiefly from intuition. Celente was speaking by phone from Kingston, New York, where his company is headquartered. A sunny spot? It has begun. It was coming before all the panic hit. But this has accelerated it. My heart is broken to see what the [governors] have done to the economy.

Better start taking care of yourself. Start eating healthy. Be careful about going into places [stores, etc. The politicians that did that have track records of nothing but total failure. The same amount or possibly more unhealthy chronically ill people would have died. Hardly any younger people are dying, [a portion of them because] obesity is linked to severe illness especially in younger people, according to a study that NYU Langone did.

In New York City, people age 75 and up are dying at rates nearly eightfold compared to the deaths of those who are 45 to 64, the Wall Street Journal reported. The lockdowns have robbed us of democracy and freedom. The numbers add up to nothing compared to outbreaks of other things. They closed down California.

It had 1, deaths [1, as of April 25] out of Are you ignoring or discounting what scientists are saying about the coronavirus and that hundreds of thousands of people globally have died because of it? The scientists said that 2 million people would die in America. We have the grand total dead all over the world of , [, as of April 26] out of 7. The worst is yet to come — people will be sinking into poverty, robbing banks and stealing food.

The lower ends are going broke right away; the middle and upper [strata] will take a longer time. Seventy percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. But paychecks are no longer coming. Some states are planning to reopen this weekend. Do you agree with Georgia Gov. People have to go on living. They have to get back to work. What will happen to all the people who do? But what if reopening at this point spreads the virus?

It will go up and down, but the trajectory is down for the both economy and the markets. Wait till those earnings reports come out — for the airlines, the food business, retail, which was going down even before all this.

The big ones will survive. The smaller [advisory firms] will go out of business. Guess what? The bailout money is going to the upper ranks; it ran out for the little people right away. The politicians are thieves. They take our money and give it to their too-big-to-fail buddies. And they have no exit strategy for this [calamity] either. If Joe Biden, presumed Democratic presidential nominee, were president now, what do you think he would have done to manage the pandemic?

The debt loads are gigantic. The personal debt load in the U. How are people going to pay this stuff? How are corporations going to pay back their debts? Oil is telling the story. Look at it now: You saw negative oil prices [for the first time in history].

They were already in deep debt. Now their currencies are crashing because the central banks are printing more and more money. South Africa! Gold is the ultimate safe haven. Physical gold has become rarer and rarer. But you can buy futures, and the [number of] buyers for gold ETFs is way up.

What would have been behind that? They did the exact same thing with coronavirus — just to get ratings. She is the founder of www. More from this author. Janet Levaux May 26, Each of these industries is grappling with a specific set of struggles, though many of their challenges are common.

Jeff Berman May 22, The Best Way to Ask for Referrals? Don't Ask for Referrals. Discover how a simple adjustment can make a big difference. They may not be in the spotlight now, but Gen Z will soon be taking center stage and you need to be ready to serve these individuals. Find out how to maximize its potential. All Rights Reserved. Menu Search. Sign In. Research on Wealth Investment Advisor. Newsletters Sign In. Thank you for sharing! Your article was successfully shared with the contacts you provided.

Gerald Celente Gerald Celente predicts a none-too-pretty trajectory of U. How do you think financial services firms will fare? Please explain. Are people rushing to buy gold? Jane Wollman Rusoff. Recommended Stories. Join ThinkAdvisor. Free unlimited access to ThinkAdvisor. Already have an account? Sign In Now. Follow Us On. Terms of Service Privacy Policy.


Gerald Celente - Trends in the News

Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to welcome back the one and the only Gerald Celente, publisher of the renowned Trends Journal. Celente is a frequent guest here on the Money Metals podcast and perhaps is the most well-known trends forecaster in the world and it's always great to have him on with us. Gerald, thanks for the time again today. I guess we can still say happy new year. Welcome back to you.


Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente born November 29, is an American trend forecaster , [1] [2] publisher of the Trends Journal , business consultant [3] and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other important events. He had early political experience running a mayoral campaign in Yonkers, New York , [ when? His forecasts since have included predictions about terrorism, economic collapses and war. More recent forecasts involve fascism in the United States, food riots and tax revolts. In Celente predicted turmoil which he described as "Obamageddon", and he was a popular guest on conservative cable-TV shows such as Fox News Sunday and Glenn Beck 's television program. These systems cannot be changed from within.


Gerald Celente Speaks Out on Iran, Coronavirus, Gold and Global Protests


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