English viewers of Italian football can once again enjoy a whole host of matches from the peninsula live on BT Sport this weekend. A victim of police brutality, year-old Federico Aldrovandi is sadly no longer with us, killed by on-duty officers in Ferrara back in ACAD, the Italian association against abuse by those in uniform, are outraged by this situation and have made moves to peacefully protest against it this weekend. To put things into context, it is important to explain the events of September 25, , the night when Federico was killed. Reports suggest that he was walking home and had taken illegal drugs earlier in the evening, but a police car blocked his progress as officers Enzo Pontani and Luca Pollastri stood in his way. Backup was called and two further officers — Paolo Forlani and Monica Segatto — arrived in support.

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Throughout his life he received a number of honorary degrees and awards for his inventions. Later, Aasen's personal fortune was greatly reduced as a result of bad financial speculations, and because he had never patented the rights to several of his inventions.

He died from tuberculosis in Stoughton, Wisconsin at the age of The Icelandic horse is a breed of horse developed in Iceland. As a result of their isolation from other horses, disease in the breed within Iceland is mostly unknown, except for some kinds of internal parasites. The low prevalence of disease in Iceland is maintained by laws preventing horses exported from the country being returned, and by requiring that all equine equipment taken into the country be either new and unused or fully disinfected.

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Aldrovandi, l’associazione si scioglie: “Troppo dolore, ma ormai Federico è memoria condivisa”

Federico Aldrovandi 17 July in Ferrara — 25 September in Ferrara was an Italian student, who was killed by four policemen. The incident occurred nearby Viale Ippodromo in Ferrara. At night, Aldrovandi was walking when he was stopped by two policemen, Enzo Pontani and Luca Pollastri. The stop was due to reports of night-time disturbances. The Police in their Alfa 3 patrol car blocked his progress.


Federico Aldrovandi






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