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Quick Links. Table of Contents. User Guide Dialog System telephone for md communication system 44 pages. Ip telephone for ericsson mx-one telephony system and ericsson md pages. Ip phones for enterprise multimedia server ems 90 pages. System telephones for md communication system pages.

It is a state-of-the-art business communications system. Its alliance of features and facilities effectively improves communications for virtually any kind of organization.

Page 3: Table Of Contents All rights reserved. Page 4: Description 3x40 characters. Soft keys The functions depend on the traffic state. Page 5 For handling calls. Access 1 and 2 are available both for incoming and outgoing calls.

Inquiry can only be used for outgoing calls. Page 6: Incoming Calls Lift the handset On any other line key Lift the handset Press the flashing line key Handsfree Press the flashing line key You are connected to the caller via the loudspeaker and microphone.

Press to terminate a handsfree call Dialog Page 7: On Another Extension function key pre-programmed by you. Once a line becomes free you will receive a dial tone. Dialog Press to terminate a handsfree call Note: You can make your calls faster by using common abbreviated numbers and by using your own programmed abbreviated numbers. Page Save External Number To save an external number: Press before you finish the call Note: Function key pre-programmed by system administrator.

Redial number Lift the handset Press to redial the number Note: Function key pre-programmed by system administrator. From loudspeaking to handsfree Replace the handset Handsfree conversation. From handsfree to loudspeaking Lift the handset and press Press to end the call Dialog Mute Press to switch the microphone on or off When the lamp is lit, the person on the line cannot hear what is being said in your room.

Press Note: You can also press Access 2. Call the second party The first party is put on hold the Access 1 key lamp flashes slowly. Page 14 Only the conference leader can admit participants. During the conference a tone will be heard every 15th second. You have an ongoing conversation Access 1 and want to establish a telephone conference.

You will become the conference leader. Calls put on hold can be resumed on your own telephone or another. Individual Press the ongoing call line key and replace the handset The key lamp flashes slowly. If your exchange is not already programmed to automatically convert your entered digits into DTMF signals, you need to activate the function during the call. Page 18 Cancel any single callback Press and dial the extension number Note: To cancel a single Callback on a specific external line, dial the digit or digits to get a line instead of the extension number.

Press Cancel all callbacks Press Press Dialog Page Intrusion On A Busy Extension Dialog Activate call waiting If you urgently wish to contact a busy extension or external line, you can notify it by a call waiting signal. Page 20 A three party call is established and a warning tone is heard. Note: The Intrusion function might be blocked for use on your extension programmed by system administrator.

If Intrusion is not allowed you will continue to receive busy tone. During diversion you will hear a special dial tone and the diversion lamp indicates that your triple access line is diverted. Page 22 Diversion when there is no answer Press to order Note: Finland and Norway-press The incoming call is diverted after 3 signals. Page Internal Follow-Me You can still make calls as usual.

Page External Follow-Me You can also use the procedure below. Press and dial the extension number Press and wait for answer Dialog Page 27 Voice mail or a colleague.

To activate or change to another profile from your Telephone No Profile 2 Search Type of telephone or Telephone number Ringing time Page Internal Messages The program key lamp turns on and all other lamps turn off. Press Note: Function key pre-programmed by system administrator. The number that requested message waiting is shown in the display.

Page 33 Dial the extension number Press Message waiting optional If assigned this function and your telephone is diverted to an interception computer, a function key programmed by the system administrator will flash when there are messages stored for you in the computer.

The messages will be printed out on a printer connected to the computer. Page Voice Mail You can choose to divert all incoming calls to your mailbox, or calls when there is no answer, or calls when your telephone is busy. When you enter your mailbox, you will hear recorded instructions how to handle listening, recording, storing and deleting messages, and how to change your security code.

From another telephone: Dial the number to the voice mail system If you are asked to enter your security code the used telephone has a mailbox of its own : Press Enter your mailbox number Page 36 Leave the old greeting unchanged Enter a new code, digits Only digits are allowed, no star! No security code Listen to the recording Re-record the greeting Store the greeting Leave the old greeting unchanged Repeat the new code Dialog If you are authorized, you can also enter absence information on another extension from your own extension.

Page 38 Cancel for another extension Press Dial the extension number and press Note: If the special dial tone is received, the authorization code for the other extension is required. Add the code and press before pressing the Clear key. Press Dialog Page Abbreviated Numbers by the system administrator. Lift the handset and dial the common abbreviated number Individual abbreviated numbers You can program up to ten frequently used telephone numbers on the digit keys and use them as individual abbreviated numbers if this function is allowed.

Page 40 20 characters in a number. Page 41 Dialog Dial-by-name optional By use of the Integrated Telephone Directory you can search for a name, group, operator, etc.

Press see display Page 42 If there is additional information in the directory for the name being displayed, this is shown under the name, e. The display will inform if no name matches your search and show the name alphabetically preceding the entered one.

Press Press the selected function key and dial the telephone number or function code Press the function key again Press to finish programming Assign the key. Page Call Metering The display changes and the elapsed time is shown. Press to stop the timer function see display Press to exit the timer function see display Note: Timer can be activated when your telephone is idle, ready for dialling, during an outgoing call or when in speech connection.

Page 45 Call Metering Other functions These functions are also available, during timer mode: Press to show date see display Press to display time measurement see display Press to clear time measurement see display Dialog Page Group Facilities Calls to the alternative group can only be answered when there are no calls to your own group. Common bell group Calls are signalled on a common bell. Page Other Useful Facilities Other Useful Facilities Account code optional This function is used to charge a call to an account number or to prevent unauthorised calls from your telephone.

The account code can have 1 to 15 digits. Page General Cancellation Automatic answer 0 0 1 Dialog Immediate speech connection You automatically answer a call without lifting the handset or pressing any keys. The function can be permanently active or activated by use of a function key programmed by system administrator.

Flexible night service This function permits you to order an external line and connect it directly to your telephone. Ask your operator for the external line numbers. To order flexible night service Press and dial the digit or digits to get a line Page Hot Line Data communication Your telephone can be used together with a PC as an integrated voice and data terminal.

Contact your system administrator if you require this function. Page Additional Directory Number Your incoming calls can be answered on any of these telephones by just pressing your dedicated key. In idle state this key can be assigned to call your number by just pressing the key. Page Malicious Call Tracing The system acknowledges with different tones whether the tracing request was accepted or rejected.

Headset If your telephone is equipped with Option unit DBY 02, the following headset functions are available. Note: How to install Option unit and headset, see installation instruction provided with the Option unit. Page Make Calls Press to toggle between headset with or without loudspeaking Headset to handsfree Press Press the headset key Note: Function key pre-programmed by system administrator.

Handsfree to headset Press the headset key Note: Function key pre-programmed by system administrator. Page 55 You will just be charged for the call to the office.

Page 56 The key lamp is switched on and will flash when new unanswered calls have been logged, since last time the key was activated. Your telephone must be idle and unlocked to be able to browse the log. To browse the number log Page Paging Optional Paging optional Persons equipped with a wireless paging receiver or assigned to a lamp signal, can be paged from a telephone set. Depending on the type of paging system it is possible to send digit messages or voice messages to the paged person.

Page 59 If expected, wait for the paged person to call back.


Ericsson Dialog 3213 User Manual



Ericsson dialog 3213




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