Procesando Espere un momento Miembro de una familia de patentes simple. Comentarios Cerrar Enviar. Correo-e de contacto.

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Procesando Espere un momento Miembro de una familia de patentes simple. Comentarios Cerrar Enviar. Correo-e de contacto. Goto Application.

Guardar consulta Cerrar Enviar. Nombre de la consulta. Consulta privada. Arborescencia de consulta Cerrar. Arabia Saudita. Costa Rica. El Salvador. Alemania datos RDA. Reino Unido. Brunei Darussalam. Viet Nam. Generar solamente un miembro de una familia de patentes. Consulta completa Cerrar Editar. Resultados Primero, "Ir a Resultados". Detalle Primero, "Ir a Detalle". The measurement of the antigen can be by virus capture enzyme immunoassay.

The method is a good indicator of recent infection and can be used in the screening of individual plasma units or pools from which blood products are extracted. The present invention provides compounds and methods for the treatment and prophylaxis of renal disease and inflammation. In particular the invention provides methods for the treatment of kidney disease and failure through the administration of compounds which function as inhibitors of TLR2 function and expression.

Helicobacter pylori infects over half of the world's population and thought to be a leading cause of chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, and gastric cancer. Campylobacterjejuni is another enteric and gastric bacteria which is the most common cause of bacterial diarrhoea.

Both of these microbes adhere to mucosa by binding blood group antigen-related or other carbohydrates expressed on epithelial cells. Breast feeding protects infants against these bacterial infections, which was proven to be a consequence of the presence of large quantities of antigen oligosaccharides in human milk. Multivalent oligosaccharides were synthesized with rigid and flexible scaffolds designed to present the carbohydrates diversely.

These compounds were evaluated on purified chicken large intestine mucin. Some of the compounds inhibit the binding of bacteria to the mucin. These multivalent oligosaccharides are promising prophylactic and therapeutic antimicrobial agents for gastric and intestinal diseases.

A process for the manufacture of a probiotic cheese, such as Cheddar cheese, comprises adding a 0. The L. The presence of the L.

Therapeutic drug delivery and diagnostics systems comprise biologically active compounds associated with particulate carriers of less than 20nm.

These systems can be utilised for targeted modification of growth, development and functions, such as gene expression, protein synthesis, intracellular energy production and transport mechanisms in prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. The systems are also applicable for controlled modification of structural and functional properties of extracellular components and tissue constituents. The characteristics of a biological site are evaluated and an entity is provided which is dependent on the site characteristics.

The entity comprises nanoparticles of less than 20nm. A probe comprising nanoparticles of less than 5nm is also provided. The present invention provides a reactor for the biological processing of fluid such as domestic or industrial waste water or the like, the reactor comprising a plurality of substantially horizontal layers of growth medium stacked one above the other, and having a colonizing biofilm thereon during use, the reactor being arranged to cause the path of flow of the fluid to reverse from one layer to the next, in order to maximize the length of the path of flow for a given footprint of the reactor.

The invention relates to treatment for an autosomal dominant disease of the eye such as retinitis pigmentosa or glaucoma comprising means to substantially suppress all alleles of a gene associated with the disease. Replacement of the gene is specifically disclaimed. Typically, the disease is a dominant hereditary disease in which the therapy involves suppressing both a diseased and a normal allele of the gene.

The means for suppressing both alleles of the gene of interest typically comprises an siRNA molecule which is designed to silence both alleles of the gene of interest.

Medicaments and kits for treating diseases are also described. The baler 10 comprises a stationary segment 18 , a lower segment 19 and an upper segment 20 all of which carry bale forming rollers 25 which define a bale forming chamber 15 within which a round bale 2 is formed. The lower segment 19 and the upper segment 20 are pivotal about first and second pivot axes 35, 40 , respectively from a bale forming position Fig. The bale supporting rollers 50 rotate the bale 2 about a first wrapping axis 53 while a carrier ring 55 simultaneously revolves a pair of wrapping material dispensers 54 about a second horizontal wrapping axis 56 for dispensing wrapping material onto the bale 2 for wrapping thereof.

A sol-gel coating composition comprising a hydrolysed organosilane, an organometallic precursor and a corrosion inhibitor, wherein the corrosion inhibitor is a chelator for the organometallic precursor. The corrosion inhibitor and the organometallic precursor may form a nanoparticulate complex. The coating composition may comprise one or more additive selected from: an antimicrobial additive, a hardener, a water repelling additive, a dye, a scratch resistant additive and a flexibility enhancing additive.

A process for preparing a sol gel coating composition is also described, the process comprising the steps of: hydrolysing an organosilane in the presence of a catalyst; chelating an organometallic precursor; mixing the hydrolysed silane and the chelated organometallic precursor; and hydrolysing the organosilane-organometallic precursor mixture. Ir a Resultados registro seleccionado. Ir a Registro o Imagen anterior. Desplazar hacia arriba. Page Up. Page Down. Desplazar hasta el final. Preparaciones medicinales caracterizadas por los ingredientes no activos utilizados, p.

Composiciones de revestimiento, p.


Translation of "trinitrofenol" in English

Pantalla principal. Nuevos lanzamientos. Agregar a la lista de deseos. Histology: typical presentations of various organs liver, gall bladder, kidney, thymus, ureters, urinary bladder, tonsils, lymph nodes, hemal nodes ; blood cells Sounds, animations, funky sounds representative of one's score Serious! Supported by tons of images, detailed explanations, memory tips Relevance!


Detection and monitoring of the organophosphate insecticide chlorpyrifos are required to comply with the limits allowed under different laws of regulatory agencies. Here we report on a piezoelectric immunosensor which can determine and quantify 3,5,6-trichloropyridinol TCP , the main metabolite of chlorpyrifos and the herbicide triclopyr. The analysis and quantification of TCP is based on a competitive immunoassay with monoclonal antibody. In both cases, the crystal may be used for about tests without appreciable loss of sensitivity. El TCP o 3,5,6-tricloropiridinol es el principal metabolito del insecticida clorpirifos y del herbicida triclopiri; se encuentra en la orina humana.


Tabar 1 , S. Acero 2 , C. Arregui 1 , M. Quirce 3. Palabras clave. Asma Ocupacional.


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