DTU P 06-002 PDF

The Mine Sequence, consisting of deformed mafic volcanic rocks, is approximately metres wide in this area and hosts several important sub-parallel sulphide and gold mineralized shear zones. The joules standard certifies that roofing material will resist a 70Kg object falling from a 1 metre height. Back to main menu B: Or create a new account. Reach is the maximum allowed distance between rests for a given profile, panel or plate Figure 1. The footwall is characterised by wide low grade sulphide and gold mineralized envelopes with higher grade gold intervals over a few metres.

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Published on Mar 15, SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Building and structural design codes. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Wldr Colquehuanca Follow. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No.

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Compliancewith a British Standarddoes not of itself confer immunityfrom legal obligations. ISBN0 1 3. Preface 2. Introduction 3. Europe 4. List of European Building Research Institutions 5. Current Eurocodes 6. It has been prepared with the help of Standards Bodies, Building Associations, and Government Ministriesaround the world. Building and Design has, traditionally, been a locally controlled and influenced matter.

Local resources and conditions, and the limits these imposkl, have been the primary influence on structuraldesign codes. It is an area of change as new less prescriptivecodes comein to existence and agreemends between nations are forged. The publication will be updated quarterly to keep ab east of these changes. Countries not so far included will be added, as the information be5omes available. Developments within Europe will also be monitored and the information k t up to date.

Subsequently they will be made availableto subscribers for an additionalfee. Included for further information is a list of International Standards bodies, and where availableConstructionProduct Approvalbodies.

It is a direct result of enquiries received from industry regarding the regulations, legislation, and design requirementsto be met overseas. The Regulatory body is cited and where applicable any acceptable Foreign Standards are also included.

It is divided into the EuropeanEconomic Area and the Rest of the World so that any mutual agreements may be highlighted. The National Standards Bodies have been instrumental in providing information or alternatively providing the relevant approval authority and their help is also acknowledged.

BSBare also agents for the U. A Codes. They provide researchservices to businesses and other org nizations seeking to overcome Terhnical Barriers to Trade in the UK, Eurrope, or Internationalarena. Otber construction publications avhilablefrom TIG. CEIMarking and the Construction Products Directive refTH In the case of those countries were we have not been able to obtain information, we have either providedthe reasonfor this Glqss in Buildings, windows, doors and furriiture ref TH Flammability Testing of Building Materials -Am InternationalSurvev ref TH in the notes section, or have not included them in this edition.

Future editions will have additional countries included as the informationis gathered. It lays down six essential performance requirements: 1. Mechanicalresistanceand stability 2. Safety in the case of fire 3. Hygiene, health and the environment 4. Safety in use 5. Protectionagainst noise 6. Energy economy and heat retention The Directive permits two methods of compliance a Manufacture in compliance with Harmonized European Standards relevant national standards or Euronorms b EuropeanTechnicalApproval.

At the time of going to press no Harmonized standards have been published. Th6 series of Eurocodes provide deftnitions of building performance. They coder all aspects of the Design of st ctures and contain formulae and data whch can be used to calculate the key diI,ensionsand other design variables for ani proposed construction.

Each member country has also pro uced a NationalApplication Document NID in the codes most appropriate to the giving definitive figures for nationally regt:lated safety values, a schedule of sudporting national reference standards and providing guidance on application. Sde Table 2 for quick reference to which ntries have published NADs to which Stil in draft form, adoption of the codes as part of National regulations is not coTpulsory, but countries are required to recbgnize structures built to the codes as hading been adequatelydesigned.

See Table 1for list of published Eurocode doduments is included in the EuropeanTechnical Approval is performed Thi following countries have also adopted by Notified bodies in the member states.

Currently this is the only Slovakia. However in most countries it is required. Also as the CPD allows individual Member States to require different levels and classes of performance for products, manufacturers will also need to ensure that their product meets the specific national regulatory requirementsof the country concerned.

Designand construction Concretestructures; execution principles Plainconcretestructures; design and construction Reinforcedconcrete structures; basic rules for design Precastconcrete elements and precaststructures for static loadings Concrete buildings; repairworks, reconstruction and strengthening 0BSI AUG Road bridgesj Actions on structures Railway bridges Actions on structures-Trams Road Bridges Bases for design of structures; seismic actions on structures ThermalActions Current Eurocodes preferred ' Bases for design of structures; Notakns; General symbols Wind loadson structures.

Directeffects f permanent loadsdue to dead weight Forces on structures. Code of practicefor the structuraluseof steel With DS and DS forms the bisisfor steelstructures. Concrete-materials Executionof concrete structures Code of practicefor the structuraluselof masonry with DS and DS forms the bdsisfor masonry structures Code of practicefor the structural use;oftimber With DS and DS forms the basisfor timber structures Visual strength grading of timber Code of practicefor the design and canstructionof compositestructures Coverssteel and concrete Code of practicefor the designand structionof pilesupportedoffshore structures With DS, DS DS, and D forms the basisfor designand constructionof pile supportedoffshoresteelstructuresin e Danishsector of the NorthSea.

Loads, materials, safety, protectionagainstcorrosion, nsportation,installation, and inspection. Noneare cited in the Regulations.

A listof cited standards isavailable. Acceptable ForeignStandards Regulatory Body Apart from Eurocodeslocalauthoritycan accept the useof foreign standards in separatecases. The BuildingAct definesthe rulesfor planningand building. The regionalvand-use plansdrawn up by the RegionalCouncilsguide the master plans and the detailed plansof localauthorities.

Adequate documentatlonmust be acquiredbeforehandon the quality and useof structuresand buildingmaterialsandthe quality is controlledby initialtests and productiontestswhen needed. Buildingregulationsmay also befound in other legalprovisionsof the localauthority such as public health, fire safety bye-laws, and policeorders.

The levelof structural safety presaibedconformsto Europeanperfohnancelevels.


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For the manufacture and operation of French and European structures, this standard specifies the safety requirements applicable to all types of temporary covered structures tents, hangars, etc. These structures are intended to be installed and removed several times without damage, temporarily and for the short or long term, in any place, and for multiple purposes. Find out more. Whether you are a big company or a SME the ISO certification brings advantages to different levels: customers, Second hand Blog Documentations Recruitment. Why a modular structure?


DTU P 06-002 PDF

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