I'm going to start on a series of Tool Tips. These will be short videos focusing on a single tool or command in DoubleCAD. Hi All, First update in a long time. This time it's an introduction to SketchUP. I have a few ideas for new videos but if anyone else has any ideas feel free to post them up here or drop me an email at cam craftyCAD.

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DoubleCAD Forum. Home Help Search Login Register. Cam November 17, , AM. G'day, Just letting anyone who might be interested know that I have put together a multi part video tutorial walking through how to draft up a simple timber workbench using DoubleCAD.

The tutorial is aimed at people who are new to DoubleCAD or cad software in general but might be of interested to more experienced users. You access all the videos at www. Hope you enjoy the videos. As always, comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. You can access the videos on my website www. This video is less than 4 minutes so you shouldn't get bored of my voice in this one The video can be accessed at the same links as above.

Hope you enjoy the video. Visit www. Cam, that is pretty good. What did you use to record the video? I would also like to talk with you on this off forum. BETA man and proud Kiwi. Intel iU 1. Cam November 22, , AM. Hi All, I've added some new video tutorials, please see the top post for details.

Thanks, Cam. Cam November 24, , AM. Hi, Here is one more video for the collection, this time a mini video tutorial on the different coordinate systems. Please check the updated original post for details. Regards, Cam. Cheers Spider. Thanks for the link Steve most of that stuff advertised in the tutorial description I have covered in a 2D course at my local technical college - albeit with AutoCAD so I am probably just passed "beginner" stage but I hope to make the switch to using DoubleCAD and of course I will need to ask many questions with this switch I am sure!

However when I have some spare cash I might buy your tutorial if i think I need to have a quick reference "know how" guide. So, you need the 'advanced' stuff. That is following the architectual work, followed by Just some checking etc etc. I think its more about getting used to how things are done in DoubleCAD. Cam January 04, , PM. Hi spider, Thanks for the feedback! Very sorry for the delay in replying. I've barely had a moment to myself over the holiday season.

Things are settling down again so I will be making some more video tutorials very shortly. I have posted a bit of info about an upcoming sketch up to doublecad video I'm planning on my website Www. I am also hoping to do a video tutorial drawing up the plans for a timber decking project. Which should cover some new ground for my videos ie different scales, and blocks so be sure to check back regularly.

Steve my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I will make it a priority to email you as we discussed. I should have more time with the silly season over Regards, Cam. Spider, I understand that there are some subtle differences not too sure but I should know.

Cam, no problems as I am head down too. Cam -thanks for that ,I think that would be great for everyone to understand "Blocks" a little better! Cam I think its great that you have your own site, personally I think it would be also great to have an area on this Forum or a link to the IMSI website as well where users can upload their Video tutorials as well?

Feature request maybe? Anyway to sum up I think video tutorials are great for a quick visual how to but I think really its also good to have "Hard copy" written material as well for reference,especially "work-type" books to work through exercises because undoubtedly this is the better way to learn anything - by doing it!

Regards Spider. Spider, thanks for buying my work! When doing the work, you will notice that there is mention of using the paperwork in other versions, but what happens may or may not be the same as some functions are not there or do not work quite the same.

But the exercises can still be done. I know that as I have also done them in the free versions. That work is for the complete beginner and is similar to what I have been teaching at the local polytech. What you see in those pages, get taught over 3 days, then on the 4th, all revision and a few extras and then on the 5th day, a test to see if they make the grade.

As for posting videos, I find with another forum, not CAD, that I post my videos to PhotoBucket and psot a link back on the forum concerned. I would be very interested to get your thoughts good or bad on the tutorial. This way, I can make the new ones better. I think you would call it 'evolution'. If they are too long, boredom sets in. No problems Spider.


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Two-dimensional drafting software programs can help people with creating different floor plans, design templates and other setups that may be used when creating products, buildings and other items. However, the world of drafting software programs is rather varied as each product has its own special features dedicated to helping people see what they can do when trying to create unique items. It is perfect for those who are just getting started with working on drafting software programs. This works by using line and curve-adjusting features to help alter individual designs. It can also operate with customized designs to create unique arrangements that are unique and specific for all projects. It creates measurements that are based off of the drawing context that is used within a certain program. Therefore, there is no need to struggle with having to adjust the frame of reference that one will be using around individual parts of a file.


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