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Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Description: slo. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The psychology of colour and its effects on human behaviour is considered so significant that it is now studied at universities. Colour theory has also been applied on a more practical level as hospital rooms, classrooms, fast food restaurants and houses are painted in specific colours to influence?

Red is known to stimulate? Blue also has a calming effect on people. Blues and greens, being refreshing! In hot countries such as Australia, buildings are painted in different shades of blue and green because they seem cooler. In colder countries, bright colours are often used to make buildings appear warmer. In Mediterranean countries, where the climate is warm, houses are usually painted white because this colour deflects" sunlight from the buildings and they remain cool inside.

The colours we wear often result from our moods and emotions. If we feel sad or depressed, we are more likely to put on dark clothes.

Whereas feeling happy and joyful"! What is more, our impressions of people are often influenced by the colours they wear. Both candidates - Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy were equally popular and the election results were expected to be very close. Kennedy wore a dark suit. The people who listened to the debate on the radio thought that Nixon debated more successfully.

Keep all that in mind the next time you decide to redecorate your house or go for a job interview. Cwiczenie 1. Liczba kresek odpowiade liczbie brakujacych liter w slowie. Dla ulatwienia niektore litery zostaly ujawnione. Is this dictionary big or small?

Her natural colour is blonde. High Hill Road and Swan's Road do not meet. Gwiezenie 1. Anyway, we spend most of the day swimming in the lake or playing football and in the evening we often sit around a campfire? The camp leaders are OK.

Yesterday he taught us how to fish in the lake. We only caught a few old shoes and some other rubbish! We have regular meals every day and the food is quite good. The girls say there are too few vegetables, but who listens to them! It's a bit too healthy though, they hardly give us any sweets and there isn't a jot of Coke!

I have had a few accidents, but don't worry, Mum, Iam still safe and sound. When was about to sink under the water, my life flashed" before my eyes and decided that if survived, would be a good boy and not do so many dangerous things and make you worry about me so much But then Joshua challenged me to swim across the whole lake he used to be one of my best friends here. It was a matter of honour, Mum, and bet! The life- guard rescued me again from the middle of the lake and had to give all my money to that meanie!?

You are the best anyway. Love, Simon PS On second thoughts, 50 quid! My car ran sess petfol in the middle of an empty road and had to walk almost 6 km to the nearest petrol station.

One kilogram is almost the same as 2. Martha is very shy and she definitely.. How could you be so foolish? Are there any ethnic cece im Poland? There aren't enough chairs to go room next door. We will have to borrow some from the A. Vitamins and minerals. GnRona- sufficient profuse enough heop fraction pinch pile heap speck gallon morsel pint drop grain flood Gwiczenie 2. She is really outgoing and has friends. Unfortunately, followed his advice and purchased?

Although was assured the model comes with a set of instructions and working batteries, this was not the case. After two days, the zoom stopped working. Then left for my dream holiday in Africa. Imagine how furious"! Yet, my precious pictures are lost forever and may never have the chance to travel to Africa again.

Prayktad: N oe Swan A dilapidated car is in a very good condition. IF something is in mint condition, it is like new. Badly torn clothes are in tatters Something which has seen better days is in very good condition IF a house is in bad repair, it has been badly repaired.

IF something is fair to middling, it is very good Something which is so-so is neither very good nor bad If something is up to the mark, it is very good. IF something is in repair, it is being repaired IF something deteriorates, it becomes worse The process of checking whether goods produced are of a high standard is colled qualitative control beatup level fair marvellous outstanding FALSE — It is in a poor condition.

What could be more interesting? You could jump into a time machine? Or maybe check if the dinosaurs really looked like the scientists believe they did? Or you could go for- ward? Time travel has been the subject of many soi- ence fiction books and films, starting with H.

However, the consequences of interfering" with the past could be tragic. We arrived at the station would have left without us. If we had been a minute later, the train B. S ca you decided what to do with your life.

They lost most of their money He wos killed in an accident twelve years 9. I'll check if we have these shoes in your size. Please fill in the questionnaire and send it back to us My car's in the garage fill Wednesday. You should always say good-bye Cwiczenie 4. Zostaly one ukryte pionowo i poziomo oraz wspak. Only the low hum of the ship engines and the soft murmur of the waves disturb the silence. But you could not be more wrong! The blue whale? Other whale species make noise, too.

The grey whale"', for example, grunts and makes clicking and whistling sounds to communicate with other whales. The humpback whale!?


Donata Olejnik - Repetytorium Leksykalne Cz.1

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