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Register Help. Stay Logged On. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Thread: New to 4e - Feel useless as an Artificer. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. New to 4e - Feel useless as an Artificer I'm a longtime 3. I'm certain this will change as I learn more about the rules and begin to pretend this edition totally isn't trying way too hard to be a pen-and-paper MMO the "taunt" and "aggro" feel to the tank classes is just repugnant to me.

But I digress. The issue is I'm playing an Artificer from the Eberron books and I just feel absolutely pathetic and useless. In every fight, the Battlemind just teleports freely around the battle at level 1?

The Warlord blocks all stray attacks that might accidentally hit an ally when they miss the Battlemind, the Scout charges and chases down and kills any stragglers, and the Sorcerer blasts multiple targets and locks down whoever he wants. And I just sit there and miss with my enhanced crossbow attacks for six rounds and then the fight is over.

Even if I hit I don't do half the damage another player does. How can I improve my character as an Artificer and not be so pointless? Everyone else has these godlike level 1s that seem invincible and mine doesn't seem to contribute a damn thing. Reply With Quote. A Defender's job is not to grab aggro, it's to make sure the enemy has exactly two options on its turn and neither one is very appealing. Second, you're a newbie, and you picked a Leader class. Not exactly the best place to start, because damage is not your goal.

The Striker kills things, the Leader makes sure your party can't lose. You buff and you heal and you occasionally deal a bit of damage in the process. You're not the Medic; the hurting is a side-effect. Re: New to 4e - Feel useless as an Artificer. Originally Posted by vasharanpaladin. First, shut up about MMO's.

Last edited by Selenir; at PM. Re: New to 4e - Feel useless as an Artificer "Magic Weapon", the Artificer at-will is one of the best enablers in the game. Use that next to the Sorcerer and if they hit 3 people, that's 3 instances of extra damage, if they use an action point, that's another chance for extra damage.

If everyone splits up and keeps apart from each other, this tactic is off less use, but it's great when things are lined up. One of your heals, "Resistive Formula" not only gives a nice chunk of tempHP so it effectively 'stacks' with normal healing but also gives out a defensive bonus until they need the tempHP. I wouldn't recommend an Artificer to a new player, as it provides lots of little bonuses that can be fiddly to track, but they all add up.

Always kill your enemies, otherwise they will come back to haunt you - anon Spoiler. Originally Posted by Lemur. No one will ever be able to question your sense of style when you explain that you cut your own hair with your boot knife. Mainly because if they do, you have a knife in your boot. Originally Posted by SteveD.

Behind door number 2: A magic crown! Re: New to 4e - Feel useless as an Artificer Well it depends heavily on your choice of powers but you can be very useful. Obviously you're main job is to help keep people's hp up and you increase their defenses.

But regarding your powers, you may notice most of your at-wills and even your encounters give an ally a boost the next time they use a specific action, usually an attack. Its important that you select powers that synergise with your allies. So here is what I recommend, go to that battlemind and your other allies and work with them to figure out what powers will be most useful.

Everything is about synergy. For instance if your allies possess a lot of force movement or mobility you have access to a killer daily that creates a wall of poisonous gas that does damage to anything that enters it.

And is a great way to shape the battlefield in your favor. Like that Battlemind's teleportation. You can use the wall to seal off an enemy from the rest of the field and that battlemind can teleport in and out. If you have a party with limited mobility, there is a great encounter power that steals speed from an enemy and gives it to your ally. Which is great for the situation.

A good way to synergize as an artificer actually is with stat stacking. Basically what you do is when an ally is in a good position, like say the striker managed to get flanking, or there is a weakness in the enemy line to exploit, you can stack up the striker's or possibly defender's stats and maximize your advantage at the best possible moment.

But the main point you've got to realize, you are no longer playing 3. You are playing a game of chess on steroids with a heavy blend of magic the gathering. So you need to think tactically. Last edited by Verbannon; at PM. Re: New to 4e - Feel useless as an Artificer I'm not incredibly familiar with the Artificer class, but from reading it seems that Artificers are really good at buffing and generating Temporary HP.

What build did you go? What powers did you take, feats, stats? Re: New to 4e - Feel useless as an Artificer There's not much you can do at level 1, you're pretty much at te mercy of the dice.

Is your artificer's intelligence very low? Post racial though 16s work just as well in my experience. Are you making basic attacks or actually using your powers?

If you have trouble hitting, take magic weapon and use your feat on crossbow expertise and ask your DM if you can redo your ability scores to invest more in your primary stat if it's a bit low.

Your DM is probably playing the battlemind's marking power that makes it less tempting for enemies to ignore him more sticky than ot really is by refusing to violate the mark. Some DMs do this when confronted with defenders, giving you the impression that he's tanking everything he comes into contact with. I can't comment on the warlord, but as mentioned scouts and sorcerers are strikers and thus have better damage enabling options.

If i knew more about artificers i'd offer more specific advice on them, but to help you transition into the system better, think about the party roles being defender, leader, striker, and controller instead of Tank, primary magic user, and skillmonkey. EDIT: ninja'd a bunch while slow phone typing :P. Last edited by incandescent; at PM. Originally Posted by Badgerish. Originally Posted by incandescent. There's not much you can do at level 1, you're pretty much at te mercy of the dice.

Guide to the Magus , the Pathfinder Gish class. I'm not joking one bit. I would buy the hell out of that. Originally Posted by Selenir. Venting frustration here, heh. I want him to succeed in his role. I just don't have a clue how to effectively support the party with this rule system. I'll look into the tips you mentioned.

These tips all seem to indicate that Artificers are pretty boring whee or useless at low levels. It doesn't excite me to think I have the "marvelous opportunity" to waste my actions to allow allies to share healing surges. If the Battlemind was struggling, it might feel cool to turn his sword into a super-awesome ice blade for six rounds He's kind of overpowered, I know.

Which is why I stand in the back shooting people, since no one needs enhancing. Originally Posted by obryn. Are you guys using Themes?

They're a great way to get an extra "kick" and a lot more interesting options at 1st level. I don't care about being a Leader, I care about being relevant. Re: New to 4e - Feel useless as an Artificer If you're open to rerolling, you might consider changing classes.

You party already has two strikers scout, sorcerer , a defender battlemind , and a leader warlord so you might consider playing the role that's been neglected - controller. In particular, I'd recommend a wizard. The fluff is similar to what you have now with artificer so it'd be easy enough to make the conversion.

Beyond just having some of the strongest powers in the game, wizards have a number of zones and enchantment powers that affect enemies without you even needing to make an attack roll. If the dice are betraying you, take them out of the equation. Note that, like 3. There are, however, a number of strong damage-dealing builds, usually revolving around zones and forced movement, psychic damage, or fire damage.

There's a pretty good build guide on WotC's forums. Last edited by Kurald Galain; at PM.


Artificer (4e Class)

An artificer is trained in Arcana Int , plus any four skills from the artificer class skill list:. The artificer's study of magic allows manipulating arcane energy found within items. An artificer begins each day with the ability to empower one magic item, and gains an additional empowerment at each milestone. You must spend a short rest with an item in order to empower it. An item may be empowered in two ways:.


The Artificer Class, Part Four

Register Help. Stay Logged On. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Thread: New to 4e - Feel useless as an Artificer. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. New to 4e - Feel useless as an Artificer I'm a longtime 3.

700 HN100 PDF

Potent Potables - The Artificer Manual (by Zathis)

There were no artificers in the one 3. This is the second Arcane Leader class of 4e. Making the artificer a Leader is a little bit of an odd choice if you take only a surface look at the 3. Healing is, after all, the core of the Leader role. On the other hand, they are superlative buff casters.


Artificer is the most common term used in fantasy games for a character archetype or class focused on the creation and use of gadgets and devices. Whether a pulp gadgeteer, a mad scientist, or even outright called an artficer, they're somebody defined by the way in which they can either use artifacts to fight or else their skill at making stuff. Needless to say, artificers mostly tend to show up in steampunk , dieselpunk or magitek settings. It was a convoluted mess of a class, with the typical overly detailed ruleset of the edition. Which, admittedly, supported the flavor of minoi being inept bunglers who make nothing useful, but didn't entice people to play it.

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