Quick Links. See also: Setup Manual. Table of Contents. Page 2 Harman International Industries Inc. Page 4 6. Page 5: Section One - Introduction That means you can turn the distortion, chorus, etc.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Setup Manual. Table of Contents. Vocal effects processor and usb computer interface 44 pages.

Page 3: Table Of Contents Phaser Page 4 6. Help us get to know you by filling out the warranty card and sending it to us, or register online at www. This is really useful when you just want to add effects processing to your own core amplifier sound. You load Presets with the Footswitches see Preset Mode and Pedal- board Mode on page 14 for more information about that.

Page 9 8. Knobs From left to right These six knobs perform various functions, depending on which mode is currently active and what if anything is being edited. The functions are listed below: Tone Library Knob 1 In Performance mode, this knob selects from a library of preset amp tones. When editing a preset, this knob changes the Amp or Effect model for the selected row and pressing the knob will turn the effect row on or off.

When the Expression row is selected, this knob selects the LFO waveform. Before connecting the RP to anything, make sure both your amp and the RP are turned off. Store these changes using the Store procedure.

Pan channels hard left and right for proper stereo imaging. USB port on your computer. Try out some of the tones in the Tone Library and then try out some effects setups with the Effects Library knob. Page Section Three - Effects And Parameters A Compressor is used to increase sustain, tighten up guitars, and prevent the signal from clip- ping the input of other effects.

It sets a maximum boundary for the strength of a signal. Distortion - Knob 1 selects a Distortion. Press this knob to turn the selected Distortion on and off. Page Amplifier The amplifiers are an assortment of popular vintage and modern amp tones. The amplifiers also include acoustic guitar simulations. Note that when you select an Amp, the default cabinet is automatically selected. Gate Type - Knob 1 selects between the DigiTech noise gate or the volume swell effect. Page Phaser Vibrato vibrato The DigiTech Vibrato effect modulates the pitch of the incoming signal at an even rate.

Turn counter-clockwise for Pre appears before the Distortion effect , or clockwise for Post appears after the Noise Gate effect. Page Vibropan Ranges from 0 Hz to 99 Hz.

VibroPan vibropan A vibrato is an effect that modulates the pitch of the incoming signal. This will take the whole signal slightly in and out of tune at a steady pace. Ranges from 0 to Press this knob to turn the Delays on and off. Knobs have the following functions for the various Delay Effects Page Lfos Store your footswitch assignments to your preset. A low frequency oscillator automatically varies the value of the assigned parameter at a steady rate.

Press and hold the flashing Store button for 3 seconds until restOreD appears in the display and release. The Restore procedure takes several seconds to complete; during the procedure, the display will count up. Page Looper Looper The RP includes a dedicated Looper phrase sampler that lets you record up to 20 seconds of your guitar playing and play it back as an endless loop so you can solo over it, You can also add more guitar work to the recorded loop overdub.

If using the optional FS3X to control the Looper, follow these steps for a quiet start: To begin looping, press the Down footswitch. The Record LED on the matrix will flash red indicating the Looper is armed and ready to record but not recording yet. The USB jack serves two pur- poses: Streaming audio to and from a computer recording software application, and as a connec- tion for use with the X-Edit editor librarian software downloadable from www. See www.

DigiTech Glistening Chorus: A more simplistic Chorus giving you a warm Chorus tone like the CE-2 but adding a 3rd knob allowing you to adjust the overall level as well. As the Pedal is moved, the note bends either up or down. Page Reverbs chips were the first ways to produce delay aside from the costly tape delays.

The delay sound was not HiFi but was reminiscent of the original signal and quickly became a cornerstone to modern guitar sounds due to their warm qualities. Page Distortions Distortion and overdrive pedals were designed to give your guitar tone gain before it reaches your amp. Overdrives are great for boosting the gain of your guitar sound and driving an already distorted amp giving your total tone, more gain and a heavier feel. Page Amps Not your standard overdrive, the Redline takes overdrive to a place that never existed.

Add extra gain and a thicker low end and the Redline was born. Page 49 specifications featuring an EL tube output stage. Very smooth for soloing. The tone is nasely, distorts easy due to the low wattage but cuts through! Page 51 Perfect if you play intricate metal. DigiTech Solo Dialed in tone ideal for laying down solos for country, rock, jazz, blues and even metal. Add a bit of delay and reverb, and you have the perfect sound for any lick you can come up with.

Page 53 A particularly bright but full sounding combo cabinet. Great for clean. Use if you want to drive your tone over the edge. Page Section Six - Appendix 2 channels to computer, 2 channels from computer Sample rate: NET 2. Page 56 Harman. Print page 1 Print document 56 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


DigiTech RP1000 Owner's Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Setup Manual. Table of Contents. Vocal effects processor and usb computer interface 44 pages.


Digitech RP1000 User Manual

Page Count: Digitech Rp Owner S Manual Sandy Parkway. Sandy , Utah , USA. Product name: RP EMC: EN The product her ewith complies with the requir ements of the:.

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