RC ART Abdominal distension — 8 Acute respiratory diseases - 6 After-effects of craniocerebral injuries and infections of the central nervous system — 60 Allergy — 48 Angina — 4 Anxiety — 58 Arterial hypertension essential hyper- tension — 64 Arthritis — 6 Arthrosis — 6 Asphyxia — 0 Astigmatism — 7 Bones fractures — 30 Bronchial asthma — 0 Bronchitis — 8 Burns — 34 Cardialgia — 6. Carriage disorders — 8 Cataract — 7 Cellulites — 5 Constipation — 0 Coronary heart disease — 6 Cough — 8, 4 Cystitis — 36 Diabetic angiopathy — 66 Diarrhea — Diseases of the mucous membrane of the mouth and tooth-and-jaw system — 74 Diskogenic radiculopathy — 8 Dislocations of joints — 30 Eczema — 48 Edemas — 68 Endocrine diseases — 78 Essential hypertension — 64 Eye diseases — Eyestrain — 70 Face care — 50 Fever high temperature — 84 Frontal sinusitis — Gastrointestinal diseases — 8, 0, ,.

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Operations Manual. RC ART Part 1. Technical Passport. Safety Measures Function Specifications Apparatus Arrangement General recommendations Technical Maintenance Complete Set. Change of power source 7. Troubleshooting List Guarantees of the Manufacturer Part 2. Main Performance Data Indications and Contraindications to Application Conditions of Treatment Intensity of the Electrostimulating Treatment Methods of Application Treatment with Apparatus MED prophylaxis Screening Special EMC-Information Certificate of Acceptance Coupon for Warranty Repair Compliance with standards:.

Read carefully all information in this instruction for use that contains important information on your safety and recommendations on proper use and maintenance of the device. The apparatus must not be used for treatment of patients with implanted electronic devices for ex- ample, pacemaker and for treatment of patients who have individual electric current intolerance. The device use in direct front projection of heart is prohibited. Work alongside short-wave and microwave equip- ment can bring to instability of output parameters of the device.

You must not switch to the device any other ac- cessories except external electrodes produced by manufacturing firm.

The article has fragile elements. Protect against knocks. The device is not waterproof. Protect against water penetrating. Maintenance of the device must be provided by qualified specialists in manufacturing firm.

All packaging materials are not environmentally harmful, it may be used repeatedly. Used device is not absolutely useless garbage! It contains valuable materials that may be used again after the utilization considering preservation of the environment requirements. De- liver it to special services consult with appropriate services of your region for collection and remaking.

Electric impulse fig. Minimal impulse parameters:. Maximal impulse parameters:. Minimum load resistance under which the parameters.

Figure 1. Impulse form. The apparatus provides the following frequencies of im- pulses, Hz:. Range Maximum consumable current. It is allowed to use corresponding accumulators with nominal voltage 1. Weight, kg, not more than 0, Weight including external therapeutic electrodes DENS-. Dimensions of the apparatus,. For specifications of external zonal electrodes DENS-. The apparatus automatically switches off not later than. Electromagnetic Emissions.

Guidance electromagnetic Environment. Emission Test. RF emissions. CISPR Class B. RF Immunity. Immunity test. IEC Test Level. Conducted RF. IEC Radiated RF. Electromagnetic Immunity. Floors should be wood, concrete, or ceramic tile. Explanation and training of stuff in ESD-precautionary procedures. Power frequency mag- netic fields should be at levels characteristic of a typical location in a typical commercial or hospital environment.

Frequency of. Rated maximum. Table 1. Power source. Holder lace. Figure 3. Control buttons. Function of these buttons depends of the apparatus operation mode:.

Table 2. Move up. In addition, other external therapeutic electrodes produced by the manufacturer can be connected to the apparatus. External therapeutic electrodes can be used. Indicator in different modes. Help Indicator of available buttons. Indicator in therapeutic modes. Switching the apparatus on:. Wait for the sound signal. The apparatus. By pressing OK button during the intro the apparatus switch to ba- sic menu. Press button. Choosing the mode or function.

To change the operating mode, go to menu by pressing OK. Choose the necessary mode, function or value by press-. Press OK button to open them. Returning to basic menu.

Set the timer if necessary: switch on the timer by pressing the up button , with every subsequent pressing the timer, value will increase by 30 seconds, by every pressing of the down but- ton timer value will be reduced by 30 seconds. When the timer reaches zero value, it will be switched off. During the procedure with the timer switched on, timer countdown shows the time left until the end of the procedure; with the timer switched off — the timer shows the time passed since beginning of the procedure.


DiaDENS-PCM operations instructions

Manual zz. Technical Passport 1. Safety Measures Complete Set


DiaDENS-PCM operations manual


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