DECRETO 4248 DE 2007 PDF

Also amends Companies Act,so as to require notice of an application for the winding-up of a company to be given to employees of the company, registered trade unions representing employees, the South African Revenue Service and the company. Article 9 sets the date into force of the present Law. Provides that whenever there is a dispute between an employer and an employee engaged in farming activities concerning an alleged unfair labour practice, any party to the dispute may refer the dispute to the agricultural labour court for determination. Article 7 exempts the reduced amount of emoluments and pensions from the taxable income. Confers specific powers on the Labour Court and makes further provision regarding the issuance of compliance orders.

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Procedures of Shanghai Municipality on Unemployment Insurance. It specifically repeals 4th phrase of article 3 and 2nd phrase of article 16 of the Law. Introduces a three-tier pension scheme and governs the payment of contributions by state enterprises and individual workers. These Regulations issues of administration and management of old-age insurance funds so as to implement the Resolution of the State Council on restructuring of old-age insurance for workers and employees in enterprises, promulgated on 26 June Free medical care Provides for a special allowance for workers who earn less than a specified amount.

Prohibition to claim debts by judicial means Article 5: Provides for certain matters relating to the conditions of service of employees of the South African Transport Services categories of employment, salary adjustments, employment injury compensation, non-discrimination on the basis of colour, race or sex in appointments s.

Procedure before the Experts Committees; Article Amends Insolvency Act, Provides for wage garnishing orders to recover amounts due as a result of maintenance orders. Monthly Minimum Xecreto Income Article 9: Reglamento relativo a los subsidios a los desempleados locales con dificultades particulares.

This Ordinance was passed to enable, in specified circumstances, pensions and other benefits related to the public service not to be granted or, when granted, to be suspended, reduced or cancelled and to enable persons aggrieved by decisions under the foregoing to petition the Governor.

III deals with the various labour insurance benefits. Employment Salary of Employees Notification No. Implements the National Wages Council guidelines for the adjustment of wages for the period 1st July to 30 June Exempts until 31 December mining employers from the requirements of s. Ordinance to amend Notification No. Defines, inter alia, the mission and principles of the insurance system reforms, the scope of coverage, the contribution method, and provides for the establishment of a mechanism for the administration and supervision of the basic medical insurance funds.

Empowers the President to suspend temporarily laws or conditions thereunder with regard to certain undertakings, industries, trades or occupations, or to grant temporary exemptions, if circumstances exist so that the application of those laws or conditions unduly impede economic progress or the creation of job opportunities.

Entry into force 1 Oct. Article 3 defines the purpose and the scope of application of the present Law. Types and amount of contributions Wages and Conditions of Service Trainees Regulations Provides for the standardization of collecting social insurance premiums.

It cancels the Employment Salary of Employees Notification Right to offset Article Regulates employers responsibility to provide compensation in case of death or incapacity caused by an accident in the workplace.

Conditions of Employment Amendment Regulations, S. Makes provision for the liability of the employer in case of non-payment of gratuity and applicable procedure Part III — sections 8 to Transformation of insurance revenues into insurance points Provides for the payment of wage supplements budgetary relief allowance. Amends provisions regarding entitlement to compensation, hearing tests and medical examinations, refusal of application, and definition of noisy occupations.

Regulates unemployment benefits, administration of funds, and sanctions in cases of fraud. Social Insurance Contributions Special Regulations. Singapur — Condiciones de empleo — Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Casual labourers, seasonal workers and personnel on probation shall be regulated separately art.


DECRETO 4248 DE 2007 PDF

The results underline important lacks of theoretical formation and practical training, but also a certain inhomogeneity across the country and show a strong interest of residents on this topic. The authors propose the adoption a national core curriculum and suggest some strategies to improve learning. Krieger J, Higgins DL. Housing and health: time again for public health action. Am J Public Health ;


Decreto 4238/68

Costa Rica - Education, orientation et formation professionnelles - Autres textes circulaire, directive, instruction, etc. Adoption : CRIR Reglamento de Becas a estudiantes del Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje. Costa Rica - Education, orientation et formation professionnelles - Loi. Adoption : CRIL


Regulates wages, overtime pay, paid leave, decgeto, sick leave and maternity leave for part-time employees. Made under Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Article 4 amends 2nd phrase of article 9, by replacing paragraph a with new one, concerning the age of the obligatory termination of service of police members dcereto by replacing the age limit, in paragraph bfrom 60 to 58 years old, and in the 2nd reservation of paragraph bfrom 59 to 58 years old. Wage Amendment Act Strikes are prohibited s. Settles the carrying forward an amount from the Complementary Pensions Account for the benefit of the Unemployment Benefits Account. Amends article 6 and 9 concerning the right to a guaranteed amount in maintenance allowance, request and guarantee in cases of bankruptcy or reconstruction of a company. Establishes the Labour Council, the objects of which are to maintain and promote labour peace and prevent labour disputes by means of collective bargaining, referral to mediation, arbitration or other procedure s. Regulates unemployment benefits, administration of funds, and sanctions in cases of fraud.

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