An Army Book in the Warhammer Fantasy tabletop wargame, is a rules supplement containing information concerning a particular army, environment, or worldwide campaign. Army Books for particular armies were introduced for the fourth edition of the game prior to that all armies were included in the main rulebook. The sixth edition rendered these obsolete. Until superseded by newer versions, the 6th edition and later books remain valid for the newer editions of Warhammer. Games Workshop has also released various expansions over the years, including a siege rules supplement and campaign expansions. Expansions and Supplements may or may not be valid over multiple editions, though generally they cycle similarly to the Army Books.

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So, with the new announcement of the Sea Elves, are you thinking of incorporating them into an old Elves book or making a new one for the list? I don't know if the models released will be enough for a new codex to be honest but maybe they could fit with the high elves? Like, the idea of ghostly elves from the bottom of the sea could be a good edition to make Cothique stand out more. The Idoneth Deepkin, yes? From a fluff standpoint, it is easy enough to lay down the baseline.

Just as the Melusai and Khinerai are souls partially saved by Morathi, and the Gods are capable of stealing souls from Slaanesh, so too are these souls claimed by Mathlann. Of course, anything further than that requires for them to actually be released, first. We can assume that the Deepkin are good, given that Mathlann is one of the Cadai, and thus is a 'good' god, and that they are on the side of Order in Age of Sigmar, but not much further. They could also be more flavourful additions to Cothique, which is one of the less fleshed out elven kingdoms in WHFB.

I'm not sure yet, I think they look a bit too strange to really fit with High Elves, but I need better pictures to decide for sure. Some could possible be used for Cothique, yes. This gives a place of continuity between a Reaver and a Fleetmaster rather than the sudden jump. If the Slavemaster dies, it should be inevitable that the Slave unit revolts or flees rather than continue fighting so results of 3 or 4 should be re-rolled if the Slavemaster is dead while if a 1 or 2 is rolled when the Slavemaster is dead, it should say 'If the Slavemaster is already dead, the unit automatically joins the opponents side.

Cold One Chariots are for melee, Scourgerunners are for shooting. The Slave Master cannot be targeted in most situations anyway.

There's lack of space to include all thje special rules for all mounts. All the chariot models have spears too. Witch Elves don't have such intermediate units to fill the gap.

The Black Ark Fleetmaster still feels just as underpowered as it did in 8th Edition, imo. The Dreadlord can get an additional Hand Weapon and Sea Dragon Cloak for only 6 more points than a base Fleetmaster while having Medium Armor as a default instead of light with the option to upgrade to heavy, while also having a statline that's just outright better than the Fleemaster's.

At Them You Curs! Much like 8th Edition they just feel like a Hero that got one additional Wound and Leadership point and then called it a day and said they were a lord. Heck, the fact Lokhir Fellheart, who's pretty much just a cool, slightly buffed Fleetmaster is a hero choice illustrates that pretty readily.

I do get where you are coming from, but I'm not sure a Fleetmaster would be great as a Hero that rank I would imagine as being held by a Captain. Perhaps a price drop would make them a bit more of an enticing, if not great, choice. I've done my first read through except non-beastiary fluff. Overall, I think you've done many fine changes to the list Mathias and I think it's a good template for the final tweaks to be made :- Here are my initial thoughts as well as proofreading results, divided into chapters: Army Special Rules: -Nice touch renaming their hate for High Elves to Eternal Hatred.

I kind of wish it had a little something extra to separate it from the Hatred High Elves special rule though, which is technically is A nice touch. Magic Items: Here I have some issues, but they in no way reflect on your work, but GW's original work.

To justify the 50 pts I mean You ignore Toughness when it comes to wounding, which can have an ok use against high Toughness targets, but then the target gets a Toughness test to resist the special effect Kinda bets the point of the weapon in a way, which I think makes it redicilous at 50 pts I've never, ever seen it in any list and I suspect not many have, for good reason.

Sems it needs a change or to be changed out entirely, or at the very least a significant cost reduction Would anyone ever take this instead of an Ogre Blade at 40 pts? This goes for many things all through the list still though. If you do follow my suggestion of nerfing Miscasts, this item needs a cost reduction. Even then he can just spend some dice to ignore the effect Overall it's a decent list of items though, but It would be nice to see a bound item like The black Staff make a comeback.

I think Dropping the Gem of Spite in favour of it could be a good idea. Not too shabby. Auto-wound is pretty good, but the lack of armour penetration is an issue. Well, personally I really hope you go for another fix to the magic rules than lowering all casting values by 1 nd ruining all the magic cards that people seem to like and have spendt money on. I don't doubt you can design some good cards mathias, but for most people it will in practical terms men printing them out on standard A4 paper, which is not exactly the same.

Can it be handy with a Strength Bonus? But You are likely sacrificing your flimsy T3 Wizard in hth to cast it, which makes it more of an act of desperation spell rather than something more usefull and defining of the lore, which I think is half the purpose of the Signature spells to begin with. I think people will basically never use it any more at such a high casting value tbh. When you can choose spells, why would you select something so sub-par and conditional when you have far better, easy to use spells?

Maybe someone will give it a go then. It's generally not so fun when an army's own unique magic items are not comparable to the Common ones. I think GW has messed that up too many times tbh. One of the fun aspect of a new army book has always been a bit of re-shuffling of magic items as well and I think it would give the list a bit more diversity.

Core Units: -The City Guard, while a nice inclusion, they need a special rule that limits them to two or possibly three ranks and it needs to be explained how this works with the mixed weapons, casualty removal etc. The way they are now, all with Spears, Repeater Crossbow and the Shield option, they are essentially on Sea-Guard level, which becomes a bit ironic as one would imagine the City-Guard being the Warriors of Druchii society that sees least combat and should sort of be not their professional soldiers, but more of a last resort if you will.

The way they are now, they are very flexible, allround good and far preferable to Dreadspears and Darkshards, which I find unreasonable and dislike. They should be a support unit to the normal army in times of crisis and not the best unit in the core section I'd like to see them become more of a tempting unit to build your force around and able to match their HE counterparts.

As it stands, the HE Spearmen are significantly better at the same cost, with Martial Prowess being objectivly better than Murderous Prowess on average twice as many dice get to be re-rolled and on top of that they have the Fight in Extra Ranks special rule and have the option of a 25 pts banner It's not really possible to justify them costing the same, unless one has a bias for High Elves.

That said, I have suggested fix to even things out. Let the Dreadspears be able to use the Parry special rule to reflect their seasoned veteran status and to make them a more tempting unit to build your army around. A Banner option like their HE counerparts would be enice too.

You can't really justify the HE Spearmen being better for the same cost now that they are no longer a Spear only core type army either. I did suggest a small change as to how Hand Weapons and Shields could work on foot in the last rulebook update that I think would make all such units have their own tactical use to a higher degree.

Another idea could be some Impeteous kind of rule that gave them some slight bonus to charge distance for example. I like your changes. I think 10 point cost can be justified with the scout option and Two hand Weapons now granting Parry, even though ASF is gone. Seems fine to me. They seem fine as far as stats go oveall, but perhaps M should be 4? I assume most slaves are human after all and in a weakened condition it is hard to justify 5. It would be hard regardless My main thing with the slaves though is perhaps with the Expendable special rule in the rulebook.

It would be nice to use them as a meat shield that you were not afraid to fire into if needed. Correction Corsairs : I meant Skirmish offcourse.. I will make them 9 pts basic, and give the frotn rank a mandatory option to buy crossbows. Bleakswords are slightly cheaper than Dreadspears and more tanky against high strength opponents. You can still fire into combat if you are close enough though. City-Guard: It's a bit of a hassle to uy different gear for different ranks..

Then they would be sort of a trined town watchmen type unit, which the city guard really should be. I think 9 pts could be justified then.

Also, you don't want everyone to always pick Seaguard instead Please consider another buff for the DE Spearmen Mathias. That shouldn't really be a concern with any troops deemed expendable by the rest of the army If they are limited to two ranks only their spears are prett ineffective. Sea Guard are still more situational. Dreadspears are really not more of a veteran unit than Bleakswords, I'd rather not start throwing in more special rules on their most basic troops.

Alternatively, I'd be willing to remove fight in extra ranks for the Spearmen, but then the Sea Guard would be better in every way of course.

You are more likely to want to fire into combat at the slaves than other units as is. Also there' still the Slave Master controlling them, don't think he'd be too keen to get fired upon regularly That way you don't have a Spearmen unit better than a 4 rank Dreadspear unit and you don't have a missile unit better than a 2 rank darkshards unit.

Limiting them this way justifes a significant cost reduction at least but doesn't make the unit overpowered so that it replaces the regular army troops. I think we are of a similar mind that the Core options need to have cost-effective, tactical value Mathias.

Dreadspears are described as more the seasonal veterans that an army can rely on to hold their gound etc, while the Bleakswords are more young, reckleess duellists types. I think there will be a lot of grumbling from HE players if you do that tbh. I understand not wanting to many special rules for Core Troops in general, but the HE Spearmen has always had it, the Wood Elf Gladeguard has it special weapons etc. It has always annoyed me tha the most war-like of the elves ws always the weakest in that sense.

The argument that the Dreadspears are throw-away troops and hence never gain combat experience is not valid either, cause the elvs don't have a birthrate to sustain that kind of skaven thinking and this isn't 40k where they clone their troops to make up for their losses.

They are the agressors amongst elves and that they never gain from this compared to the HE's peacefull, excellent but temporary training regime is bordering on absurd.


Dark Elves 8th Edition Warhammer Army Book

So, with the new announcement of the Sea Elves, are you thinking of incorporating them into an old Elves book or making a new one for the list? I don't know if the models released will be enough for a new codex to be honest but maybe they could fit with the high elves? Like, the idea of ghostly elves from the bottom of the sea could be a good edition to make Cothique stand out more. The Idoneth Deepkin, yes?


Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Dark Elves

Do you want your Elves to take the next logical step in their belief of 'we're better than everyone' over to 'so we should be allowed to kill them? Then Dark Elves are for you. In the long long ago, in the before time, in 6th edition, Dark Elves were a finicky and difficult army. Limited unit choices, overpriced and underpowered units and difficult to use tactics made them a favorite of smart and tactical players. Then came the 7th edition update and they rocketed up to being the 2nd best army in the game behind Daemons and while the 8th edition book has balanced things a bit, they remain a powerhouse army. Dark Elves are not for people who expect all their units to have the toughness of Lizardmen or Dwarves, or the hitting power of Chaos Warriors or Ogres.


[Army Book] Dark Elves.pdf

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