JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The UPM porcelain undermount sink is made from true vitreous China which is triple glazed and triple fired to ensure your sink is durable and strong. Undermounting a bathroom sink creates a sleek look and allows for more space on your countertop.

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While I am not trying to imply that anyones business plan is wrong, because if it works for them then it is right.

I choose not to combine elements from different manufacturers. I justify this from a warranty standpoint. DuPont specifically uses as criteria for making a warranty valid, whether there are any other products hard seamed to the Corian.

Other manufactures may be more liberal. My view point stems from having been a warranty agent. When the agent sees that the counter is brand X and the sink is brand Y, now what. You should specifically let the customer know that some of their choices may alter or void the warranty. The different brands should be itemized on your sales contract. OK, maybe that was three cents. Johnny C. Please read the following rules. Posting, reading and participating on TheFabricatorNetwork.

They periodically change so please read them frequently. Because the rules change at our discretion, post at your own discretion. The Fabricator Network. We do not guarantee the accuracy or integrity of any information posted. Under no circumstances will The Fabricator Network. Full Legal 'Terms of Use'. For the benefit of the community and to protect the integrity of the project, please observe the following posting guidelines:. Forums Search Unanswered Active Topics. Thanks guys, Tom in PA.

I have used a couple of alternatives, but what exactly are you looking for? Better price, better overflow system, better aesthetics? Some bowls come with trade-offs.

My two cents: While I am not trying to imply that anyones business plan is wrong, because if it works for them then it is right.

You have to buy three at once but considering that's only a bit more than a single , you probably won't be crying too hard all the way to the bank. They're probably not all acrylic like the , but every one I've gotten has been good quality. Johnny: You raise a good point, but following your logic you'll have to use DuPont adhesives and silicone on your jobs too.

In a warranty claim, have you ever heard of a major manufacturer testing adhesive to see if the methelmethacrylate was their methelmethacrylate? Neither have I. I bought a box of DuPont silicone for a commercial job. That is a residential warranty.

DuPont can't refuse to warrant a deck seam, for example just because you put in a different sink assuming the sink had nothing to do with the failure of the deck seam. Also, if labor is involved, there is a good chance the Corian fabricator will be paying for the warranty labor himself, because it will likely be fabricator error.

I learned from Jon Olson a long time ago that once you get over the fear of the warranty, lots of things are possible, including innovation. I'll warrant the stuff we put in, I don't need a manufacturer to do it. I only want them to produce product without flaws to begin with. You can buy them one at a time. One more thing of potential interest. DuPont doesn't actually make the P. It is made by a company in Mexico.

It's the same company that made all the solid surface sinks for Transolid. In fact, all our sinks used to come from them. I had dinner with the owner about a year ago.

Really nice guy. They make good products. Robert Butts. The Staron is a great bowl, I think made by Shock in Germany. At least that is what it was back in the day.

Livingstone has some good sinks with the integrated overflow. Sterling makes sinks in lots of different colors. Same shape as the Depending on the exact color you are looking for will depend on who you go with.

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