Here at Connects2 we are always pushing the limits with new vehicle technology. With new products released every month we strive to make the impossible possible. If you want to be first to know what exciting things we have going on join our mailing list. Universal patch lead to connect an aftermarket stereo to a Connects2 interface.

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With work going on late into the night, I realised that the kit cam with very limited instruction. They did have a support email though, so I dropped them a line.

Now at It took me a further 30 minutes work and the install was complete. Support was excellent. Great help guys. Thanks you. Bought two bluetooth units for identical cars- mine and my sons. Installed about a month after receipt, unit in my son's car failed after about 11 months' use about a week after official warranty expired.

Neither supplier nor Connects2 interested. Two identical installations and one unit fails after less than a year? If I was manufacturing these I'd want to explore what went wrong - not these guys.

Poor quality product, even poorer customer service. I recently purchased a connects2 fitting kit from Halfords. The kit consisted off the metal case, two plates, two copper plates, a plastic cowl and two pieces of foam. I checked their site, no instructions, sent them an email and got a few pictures which don't show a lot along with a confirmation that they don't supply instructions.

They then closed my communication with them. The fitting kit itself looks fined but no instructions and very poor customer relations does nothing to give a good picture of this company. If you don't know about fitting kits I would avoid this company. The CT23AU07 DD Fitting Kit is a great piece of kit as it makes the head unit look better as you don't need the extra bezel that comes with the stereo, but I had a problem with it and after talking to their technical department I was told it will hold itself in place as the tabs on the side will click in and hold it.

This isn't the case as some A4 B7 models have a narrow aluminium type frame and some have a full plastic type frame that the clips just don't fit. I was just told to buy some longer bolts to fasten it in.

I also found that the clip ends had to be cut off as when inserted into the car they then pushed the cage onto the head unit more and was virtually impossible to to remove the stereo. This then leads to the volume going up way more than you wanted. Basically I have had nothing but trouble with this after fitting it to the after market head unit that was perfect in both my last cars. It's not actually interference but the lack of reception, whilst the stereo is not fully installed in the car I can raise the CT27AA56 and it seems to work perfectly and then when I lower it back down it loses reception.

I know that the A4 Avant has aerials in the rear side windows that run on there own earth and I've found online on some of the owners forums I'm on, that you have to tape up the DIN connector for the aerial into the stereo so it doesn't earth out.

This does work a little better but not perfect. I asked if there is another fix that can be tried or have I just go to live with it which shouldn't be the case. I sent this nearly a week ago and they haven't bothered to reply all.

I know that they have received it as I got an automated response saying it will be answered as soon as possible on the next working day. Excellent customer service i wish i'd found there website before i wasted money on harnesses and wrong can bus. I now have all the info i need and will soon have a fully working head unit. Unit charges phone perfectly but only plays interference.

Unit is meant to be plug and play. Had to break into the wiring loom to manually earth it to the car myself because it was badly affected by interference. Can only use Aux input now as unit works intermittently and interference is still there. Overview Reviews About. Write a review. Filter by:. You've already flagged this. How Difficult is it to Supply Instructions I recently purchased a connects2 fitting kit from Halfords.

Excellent customer service i wish i'd… Excellent customer service i wish i'd found there website before i wasted money on harnesses and wrong can bus. Reply from Connects2. Regards Connects2 Technical Support.


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