Lindau How to Use the Map and Setting. Map Key Explanations. All Rights Reserved. Adventure Theme. Adventure Introduction.

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Lindau How to Use the Map and Setting. Map Key Explanations. All Rights Reserved. Adventure Theme. Adventure Introduction. The Baronial Audience. Into the Earth. Any reproduction or other unau- Encounters with the Priests of Jhebbel Sag. The Northern Network. Cults and Magical Items.

Ompter, running out of light in this hell-maze will "Quiet! I think something is on to our the strong but dumb Kushite, gazed dully at the doom us. He Off in the darkness they could hear a snuf- gus they had tied to their last burnt out torch.

He's picked up a be lethal. Methinna peered down the tunnel but Methinna, who had been almost asleep in "Listen weasel," he hissed through could see nothing. Normally it was bright, like ing and griping for over a week now, and I'm "They're tracking us in the dark! But after ten days of walking and not listening to it anymore.

If it were up to me The glow from the blue fungus dimmed fighting in the underground labyrinth it was I would have saved our packs instead of your and paled. Larss' face could barely be seen, matted, giving her the appearance of a com- worthless hide from that tentacled thing.

But stern and set as if stone. But so "Hold your weapons straight out and strike warrior-nobility to which she belonged. All we "Edible or not," she blinked, "we better if you utter one more Its beginning to lose its glow. Larss' hand clamped over the huge man's The fungus faded away into darkness while the animal noise drew near. How to Use This Booklet In addition to the detailed adventure ture, but room for creation and change.

You characters. The characters from Conan the theme, this adventure contains instructions are the Judge, and you can alter anything to Buccaneer may be used instead of your play- on how to combine this adventure with TSR's add mystery, intrigue, the unexpected, and er's usual characters if you are continuing that Conan The Buccaneer adventure, so a single drama to your game. If Conan is not currently with your adventure can turn into an entire campaign. It also has a blank section that This adventure theme is compatible with Be careful to balance certain areas.

If you you can develop yourself for future adven- Conan the Buccaneer. If you do not use that add dangerous monsters, traps, or people, tures.

Just make obtainable so that conquering the obstacle is designed to be just the beginning of your sure you keep the non-player characters, such worthwhile. Even clearing a passage to a new adventures, or to be easily worked into your as the current Zingaran Brigands, in line with area is an achievement.

You can their surroundings such as becoming Kushite Finally, if you greatly alter an area make use the suggested adventure theme, alter it to Brigands. This adventure is designed for use with included or one of your own. Your game will Conan The Mercenary gives you the best player characters already in your game cam- be much more enjoyable, both to you and of both worlds; a detailed suggested adven- paign and does not include pre-generated your players, if characters, monsters, villains, and locations all have a logical purpose.

How to Use the Map and Setting The map of the underground caverns and circumstances leading up to the party's explor- tures, people, plants, items, and features. It is designed so that you can see areas, and their travels through Melena. The markings on this The map references are divided into two number of creatures in the area, or are refer- large map are for the Judge's reference. This types, alphabetical and numerical. Alphabet- ences that further define an encounter or fea- booklet contains detailed information on the ical references refer to fixed locations of crea- ture in the area marked.

R: Roots, see page A letter followed by a period G: Glowing Fungus, see page S: Swamp Beast, summoned by and a number indicates that there is more T: Tidal Area, see Features. Snakes in the ceiling Roots in the area. I: Iron Hooves, see page U: Undercat, see page V: Vines, see page K: Kladon, see Features. W: White Mold, see page B: Bowl of Stats, see page L: Large Bats, see page WE: Web Spinners, see page X: Xanthic Mushrooms, see tures.

N: Neo-thog in a Tidal Area, see page D: Demon, Strangling, sum- page Z: ZiXit, see page P: Priest of Jhebbel Sag, see page Kladon is a throughout the labyrinth. More features may usually on each end of a shortcut or large sec- chalk-like substance used in making white- be explained in other sections of this adven- tions of thin stone used to block an area sel- wash for buildings.

It is easily dug from the ture. The only way to walls and a fist sized-chunk can be used to Crack: This marking indicates that there is a spot these is through a successful orange or red mark a line on the walls for feet. Kladon narrower crevice leading away from the exit Resolution check against an Observation tal- diluted in a pint of liquid can provide enough marked.

It is usually large enough to crawl ent. Tracking talent may also be used if the paint to make a line up to feet. When this into and can go in any direction, including up person being tracked has used a secret door. If a crack leads to Secret doors require a Strength talent of 8 to kladon is found in the walls. These are just false leads over 20 to move.

These required Strengths can that abruptly end after 1d10 x 5 feet. If a char- be a combination of many characters. False acter persists in following them there is a walls do not close by themselves and any that chance he will get stuck. False To check if a character gets stuck, find the walls that are broken open or solidly wedged column on the Resolution Table that matches open will remain so until someone with a the greater of the character's Climbing or Gen- Structural Engineering or Mining talent eral Prowess ratings.

Then roll the dice and con- repairs it these are NPC, self-explanatory tal- sult the Resolution Table. If the result is white, ents. None of the priests alive know how to the character is stuck. Any other result indicates do this. It would also take the proper equip- that he is safe.

A stuck character remains so until ment and quite some time. A check can be made every 15 minutes thereafter. Downriver, to the west of the map, the lighting of a lamp, or any other light source to form deadly quicksand. A over a breathtaking waterfall. Anyone going become used to. If a character goes over the are so treacherous, movement is shifted two does not have anything to grasp, like a rope or falls safely, he will eventually wash out in the columns to the left on the Combat Movement polearm extended to him by a companion.

A Black River. This means a Movement normally attired person or someone removing talent score of 5 allows a person to Crawl at 1 , their pack or armor will sink in 12 combat Hidden Dangers Walk at 2 , Jog at 3 , and Sprint at But the turns unless they belly-crawl to escape the The dangers adventurers face when travel- light sources provide such a limited range that mire. This is the only way to safely move ing in subterranean realms are many: getting anyone who sprints could possibly be in dark- through quicksand.

An extremely weighted- lost, dangerous descents and ascents, running ness after one Combat turn. Treat characters down character three-quarter armor, carrying out of a light source, starvation, and exotic who collide with a wall while Sprinting in the lots of loot or a body will sink immediately. A Judge should tell a dark as if they fell the same distance. Charac- Any character who sinks without having a party just what they see within the light radius ters who collide with a wall while Jogging use rope attached can hold their breath and hope and what they might hear outside of their this same formula, but halve the distance.

He can hold sight. Light sources are listed below. Remem- Moving in total darkness is disorienting and a his breath for a number of combat turns equal ber that each square on the map is 10 feet. A charac- rating. He receives 1 point of damage for every Homemade Torch: Light Radius of 5 feet; ter moving in the open darkness must roll 1d10 turn beyond his limit that he does not Duration of 20 minutes.

The torch can be every combat turn he moves. Keep track of his breathe. The quicksand pits are usually 20 feet deep.


CN2 - Conan the Mercenary

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Conan the Mercenary – CN2 – TSR Game – Shrink-wrapped

Fair fortune or foul have brought you and your companions to the Barony of Aldoc , infamous for its bloody persecution of mages and the priesthood of any pantheon. But where there's strife there are those willing to hire a bamd of mercenaries such as yours. Indded, fate seemed to smile the first week, for the Baron himself sought your services to recover a bauble, a royal symbol stolen by some lackwit. But fate played strange games when the trail led to an underground labyrinth.


Conan The Mercenary: Module Cn2 (Conan Game Adventure)



CN2: Conan the Mercenary


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