In my blog this week, you can learn to understand Londoners and South Eastern English people better - no matter where they are travelling in the world! There are also some free audio previews of all the topics in this week's DailyStep audio lessons. If you are new to DailyStep English, please register for 5 free audio lessons and to be on my mailing list. Have you ever visited London?

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Good morning Gill! Thank you Gill for the lesson very mach!!!! You are one of the Best teacher of EngVid. Hence I love you even more!! Hi elner31! Thank you Gill, I really enjoyed your last two lessons, this one about English accents in UK and the previous one regarding English language history. As a teacher of English, I found this lesson extremely useful. Now I have a clearer idea of regional differences in English in the UK, and I know what to tell my students if they ask why is the English they learn so different from what they really hear.

Thank you Gill for a fascinating lesson. I love English and now thanks to you I will be able to understand more watching films in original. I also have one question. I was taught that we pronounce the Scottish word loch lok. When do we use it that way? Thanks a lot. Very-very interesting! Before, I struggled with my incorrect pronunciation, but now I know — it is simply a Cockney-accent Fank You great big! But seriously, the lesson was wonderful. I would like to see You more often, Your lessons are the best for me.

Thank you for your kind words, Platonov :- My accent is quite close to RP, but with a slight East Midlands accent from about miles north of London. Most of the kids use engvid,so it has a very bad impact on them. When you stop visiting these kind of sites, they will disappear from the pages you visit.

Each programmer knows it. Good luck. Thank you very much Gill!! I like this part of the lesson. Yours is classy! These tips on culture and pronunciation are going to be very useful for me, no doubt. Thanks, teacher Gill. Take care. Thank you in advance. I hope you enjoy trying the quizzes We can only imitate the accents we hear in English or try to clear our English of strong native accent in our aspiration to sound clear and understandable. I have the question.

Thanks for sharing this video Gill. This has been helpful a lot. The more I get to know about the way brits talk the more I get dazzled by its charm.

Wanna watch more videos pertaining to british culture. Thanks again. I really appreciate it. Looking forward to your new lessons. Miss Marple … or Mrs. I am sorry. This is the great and useful lesson. Thank you! Hello Gill! Thanks for this lesson. I think that a very important part of learnng a new language, it is not only the language itself, but the culture and this kind of issues as well. Thanks for the lesson, it was very helpful! Thank you very much Grill.

I never know before about brttish accents. Thank you for this awesome lesson, Gill! It was really interesting to learn about English accents. I started to understand what accents I hear while watching TV programms or Britain movies.

I noticed that Britain people pay great attention to accents and they always know the part of the UK where an accent carrier lives. It may be different from other dialects as well as the default language originally written language in all language areas. For the further info you have to consult a prof of Linguistics in the university where you are from. Best wishes. Thanks a lot, Gill! The accents really puzzled me a lot as for their differences and characteristics!

Quite interesting again, Gill! Thank you for the lesson. I have always wanted to learn about this subject. In Brazil, which is a large country, there are a lot of different accents. I personally think that accents have to do with migration and level of education.

It is rather funny! Hello, Gill. Could you please answer the question I got after I had watched your lesson. In England people receive the proper education and they do know how to spell words correctly. Do they just follow the tradition or there is something else about it? Thank you, Nastya. Hello Ms. Gill,thank you for teaching ,my question is, what difference is between pronunciation of an Oxford and Cambridge, Thank you again, Kind Regards, Aliasghar. Dear teacher, can you help me to speak in Scottish accent?

I just begin to learn English. I need your help. Please help me. Hello Gill. It was so interesting lesson. Thank you for the lesson, ta-tah :. A very interesting lesson Gill. Thank you so much indeed. Hi Gill, as usual a very interesting lesson. This is very similiar to Dutch! Same pronunciation! I would love to thank you for the lesson as it helped me find out eventually what was wrong with my pronunciation. I think those gluttony sounds like with a word matter can actually make a big difference.

Hello Gill — would love to hear more examples of only Cockney, such as when to use the F or V sound — such as With, and Weather is Wi v and Wea v a, etc.. Thank you, Gill. You are an excellent teacher. You are helping me very much with my listening skill.

Thank you for your clear pronunciation and your natural way of explaining the theme. Great lesson, Gill. It was a wonderful experience,though. I loved the experience. So much so that I returned there one more time. The people are very friendly. Love your accent. Thanks a mill. Thank you Gill.


London Accents: Estuary, Cockney and RP

Good morning Gill! Thank you Gill for the lesson very mach!!!! You are one of the Best teacher of EngVid. Hence I love you even more!! Hi elner31!


Estuary English as a Special Accent

Estuary English is claimed to be an English accent associated with the area along the River Thames and its estuary. Phonetician John C. Wells proposed a definition of Estuary English as "Standard English spoken with the accent of the southeast of England ". Estuary English may be compared with Cockney , and there is some debate among linguists as to where Cockney speech ends and Estuary English begins. Note that some other authors [10] use the name Popular London to refer to Cockney itself. The boundary between Estuary English and Cockney is far from clearcut.

ISO 20776 PDF

Estuary English


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