PLL is the last step of the Fridrich Method. After you finish OLL, pieces on the last layer will need to be permuted moved around. Find out which diagram indicates how you need to move them around, and apply the algorithm. Then one of the diagrams should match what you have.

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If you are already a member, simply login to hide this message and begin participating in the community! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Badmephisto's PLLs. Thread starter Xtian Start date Feb 19, Xtian Member.

Joined Jan 29, Messages Badmephisto's site hasn't been working these last couple of days. Does anyone have them saved on their computer, and would be kind enough to post them? Thank you. Bomber Member. I wouldn't recommend learning all of your algorithms from one place, when I want to learn anything new I will look around at least four sites for one algorithm. This way you can 'test' each one to find out which you are most comfortable with, you may not be comfortable with B moves so replace them with a cube rotation.

You may want a faster 2-gen algorithm so sacrifice the algorithms length meaning a longer instead of possibly a much shorter algorithm. Most people would say the same, 'shop around' for your algorithms. Last edited: Feb 19, I wasn't able to tell the difference in the beginning.

I suspect shopping around is something that happens after you've lived with your algs for awhile and certain ones start to bug you.

Thank you! Joined Jan 7, Messages ISuckAtCubing Member. Joined Feb 17, Messages SIGH will be fixed tonight. Crappy ass servers :s and i'm not particularly happy with a lot of my PLLs. Make sure you also look into what nakajima has Bryan Premium Member. I will upload it and give you the link ASAP.

You must log in or register to reply here. Software Area 53 May 31, Badmephisto's 3x3 beginner's method. How-to's, Guides, etc. Badmephisto's algorithms iPhone app free download! Badmephisto's 3x3 beginner's method. Badmephisto's PLL page. Badmephisto's Cubing Site is Gone or Not?!?!?!? General Speedcubing Discussion. Jun 5, Dec 12, May 31, Jul 26, Jan 12,


Badmephisto's PLLs

I've published many videos on the Rubik's cube. Here is my attempt to order them at least approximately based on when you should watch them, and some helpful links. Name is badmephisto. Once you solve the cube yourself at least once even if you are still looking up the algorithms , check my intro to speedcubing video. If you get all excited at this point, and decide to give speedcubing a try, here are some more useful links:. Use a Rubik's cube timer to keep track of your times. This is helpful and good.


Permutation of Last Layer (PLL's)

A: Follow the Guide also link on left I put together. It orders all of my YouTube videos in the sequence I think they should be watched. A: It's alright to get started with an ordinary cube from a store, but I would encourage you to order a professional Rubik's Cube online fast, as it makes a very large difference and really speeds you up. And if you find this stuff useful, you can stay in touch and show your support on my Facebook! I like hearing from my students. Q: I've been cubing for X months, and my average is Y.

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