Maintaining that "the right to dissent" must always be accompanied by the "obligation to listen", activist Aruna Roy has asked the Anna Hazare-led group to recognise and respect difference of opinions, whether within the civil society groups themselves, or with any other formations. In an interview to The Indian Express Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta for NDTV 24x7's Walk the Talk programme, Roy, who is a member of the Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council, said while she fully understood the impatience of the Hazare camp on bringing a strong anti-corruption legislation, it was important that this campaign did not become "offensive" and "dismissive of other opinions". I think that a very important part of growth is the listening," Roy said. Roy, who led the campaign that resulted in the landmark Right to Information legislation in , said the current debate on the Lokpal Bill had put "some of the things we take for granted" on test. It would allow for differences, it would allow for negotiating spaces, there would be genuine desire to listen and change. Because if you don't change, then that listening becomes a formal exercise, just as the government does to us very often.

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Aruna Roy-led NCPRI today attacked the Lokpal Bill for its "lack of appropriateness", saying it does not provide for adequate independence for the ombudsman or power to investigate cases. In its critique of the Bill , the National Campaign for People's Right to Information NCPRI said the appropriateness of 'The Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill, ' could well be determined by asking questions like whether the Lokpal is adequately independent, whether it is empowered to detect and investigate and prosecute corruption cases.

It alleged that the selection committee for Lokpal and Lokayukta is "biased" in favour of the ruling party and demanded that investigative wing of the state police be put under Lokayuktas administrative and functional control so that it has an independent probe agency.

The NCPRI also asked whether the proposed Lokpal has adequate jurisdiction so that no category of public servant is exempt from effective scrutiny and adequately accountable to the people of India. The NCPRI alleged that the Bill envisages a selection committee for the ombudsman that is "biased" in favour of the ruling party, with three of the five members either being from, or nominees of, the government and the ruling party.

The selection committee should not have a preponderance of government nominees," it said. The NCPRI said the investigation of cases against central government employees are envisaged to be undertaken by CBI which will "not be independent" of the government. Aruna Roy-led activist group for law to fix accountability for government services. NDA government working in opaque manner on pension issue: Aruna Roy. Democracy most alive in rural India: Aruna Roy.

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Jan Lokpal Bill not understood by most people: Aruna Roy

Jump to navigation. Accusing the civil society group, headed by anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare , of not following democratic method to seek a strong Lokpal Bill , Aruna Roy -- a member of National Campaign for People's Right to Information NCPRI -- on Tuesday claimed that the public support to the ongoing movement was because most of the people did not understand what it really meant. The idea of a magic wand is understood by people. There I think is something wrong It will not take care of complete corruption. It will not really take care of public corruption in different areas," added the activist, who also happens to be a member of National Advisory Council NAC headed by Congress president Sonia Gandhi.


Aruna Roy attacks Lokpal Bill for lack of appropriateness


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