The ChallengeChange. These are the catchwords of the current business environment. Residential and business customers arehungry for new services — voice overInternet, high-speed Internet access,business productivity tools, multimediagames. And they want these newservices sooner, faster and better, overboth wireline and wireless connections.

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The ChallengeChange. These are the catchwords of the current business environment. Residential and business customers arehungry for new services — voice overInternet, high-speed Internet access,business productivity tools, multimediagames. And they want these newservices sooner, faster and better, overboth wireline and wireless connections.

Service providers, facing ferocious com petition, need to respond quicklyto customer dem and s. The ability tooffer innovative new services and bundled service offerings is essentialto retain and grow revenues. At the same time, separate voice and data networks must be consolidatedover a reliable packet infrastructure,to support both existing revenuegeneratingservices and emergingservices, such as broadb and video and multimedia. This new networkinfrastructure must support voice,data, and multimedia services, and must have the intelligence todynamically ac com modate thenetworking dem and s of each ofthese services.

Rapidly deployed. Alcatel Meetsthe ChallengeWhen service providers make the moveto a new generation of networkingtechnologies, they are turning to Alcatel. Deployed in majorcarrier networks worldwide, theseaward-winning platforms offerunmatched flexibility, carrier classperformance, and cost-efficiency. It supportsall the software features, line cards and applicationsthat the MSP supports, but with a lower price and smaller footprint.

The private line capability of theplatforms lets you deliver leased-lineservices directly to customers. Anddigital cross-connect system DCS functionality is integrated, so youcan seamlessly interwork your privateline networks with the broadb and backbone.

The MSP and MSC areflexible platforms that ac com modateframe relay growth without affectingcurrent services. Award-winning framerelay performance addresses the dem and for this service, which continues to grow,particularly among small to mediumsizedenterprise customers. And supportfor seamless interworking with asynchronoustransfer mode ATM addressesincreasing b and width dem and , especiallyby large enterprise customers.

It all adds up to developing your networkcapabilities from single to multiserviceover a com mon infrastructure. Figure 2 shows the MSP as partof a broadb and network that deliversmultiple services. As the Internet continues to grow and evolve, you require more service deliveryoptions to offer your customers. Theseoptions can be ac com modated on thesame multiservice platform used fordelivery of classic data services. Figure 3 illustrates the use of the MSP to offer IP-VPN service to manyclients over one network, using multiplevirtual routers that allow you to connectmultiple customers.

Broadb and Access AggregationAlcatel is the undisputed leader in broadb and access solutions, with a com m and ing leadership positionin the digital subscriber line, digital loop carrier and local multipoint distribution system markets.

Deployment of wireline and wirelesslast-mile access solutions is growingto support increasing dem and forhigh-speed Internet access. The MSP and MSC multiserviceplatforms com plement broadb and access solutions by concentrating thetraffic com ing from the access network.

This aggregation enables the efficienttrunking of digital subscriber line accessmultiplexers DSLAMs or wirelessdigital base stations DBSs over ahigh-speed link to the network core. In addition, these versatileplatforms can aggregate trafficfrom mobile networks. The bottom line:increased revenues, service margins and profitability.

Aggregation providesa significant cost benefit by maximizingthe efficiency of the links to the core. Mobile Aggregation and Core ConsolidationAlcatel is a major player in mobile solutions, supplying more than 75 global system for mobile com munications GSM networks worldwide. Only Alcatel offers a managed, single-platform solutionthat supports all generations of mobile traffic.

As mobile networks grow and evolve,consolidation will be required to realizeeconomies of scale and simplify servicedelivery. Mobile operators are seeking com petitive,future-proof solutions that will supportall types of mobile voice and datatraffic over 2G, 2.

Operators want platforms that canac com modate current services whilesupporting an evolution to 3G networks. The MSP and MSC supportthe current time division multiplexing TDM -based mobile network, and canalso add higher speed data capabilitiesto the network as it evolves. Circuit emulationsupports 2G traffic while framerelay offers the additional capabilitiesrequired for 2. ATM and MPLS provide the broadb and aggregation and core consolidation capabilitiesrequired to support all generationsof mobile networks including 3G.

Next Generation Voice NetworksAlcatel is the number one PSTN switch vendor internationally, with one out of everyfive telephone lines in the world connected to an Alcatel switch. The challenge is to converge lucrativevoice services onto a broadb and network that supports emerging IPrevenue opportunities. This is theconverged voice and data network. Deploying a multiservice platformenables you to effectively deliverintegrated voice services. As a media gateway, the MSP performs voice trunking, mediatranslation and multiservice transport.

Figure 6 shows the MSP as a mediagateway converting the TDM trunks com ing from Class 5 switches into packetizedvoice carried across the broadb and network. The MSP also dynamicallyroutes calls based on instructions fromthe softswitch. Used as a media gateway,the MSP forms part of the nextgeneration t and em switch, which com prisesthe softswitch, the media gateway and the switching fabric.

The switchingfabric is represented by the RSPin this example, but the MSP canfunction as both the media gateway and the switching fabric. Alcatel leads the market with com pletenetwork and service management NSM solutions. The Alcatel NSM portfolio includes afull com plement of products for managinga growing, carrier scale, multiservicenetwork.

Alcatel management productsprovide harmonized solutions thatminimize network com plexity, reducingyour total cost of ownership. End-to-end service management and an unsurpassed level of customercontrol enable you to rapidly define,create and provision new services. In addition, a fully managed, integratednetwork allows you to rapidly isolate and repair network anomalies and toknow which customers are affected. All of these capabilities distinguish theAlcatel solution from the com petitiveofferings of other com panies.

The industry-leading NSMportfolio enables service providers toadd new services without the overheadof introducing new managementsystems and retraining staff. The resultis lower overall operating costs,reduced provisioning times and greaterefficiency in the use of the networkinfrastructure.

The multiservice MSP and MSC provide scalable and flexibleplatforms, new service capabilities and carrier class reliability. The NSMportfolio empowers profitable servicedelivery. All other trademarksare the property of their respective owners.

Alcatel assumes no responsibility for theaccuracy of the information presented,which is subject to change without notice.

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Universal servicesAs a service provider you will find that the Multiservice Platform is ideal for edge networksthat support multiple services using permanent virtual circuits PVCs , soft permanent virtual circuits S-PVCs and switched virtual circuits SVCs. Highly scalable,high capacityATM universal edgeservices platform. Modular architectureThe switch complex is a fully interconnected, non-blocking, outputbufferedmatrix. The flexible peripheral shelf configurationsprovide a wide range of high port densities including both highspeed and low speed ATM. The modular architecture of the platform allows you toexpand from a cost-effective single shelf system to a largemultishelf system on an as-needed basis.


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