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Purpose: Evaluating the technical success, clinical outcomes and safety of ultrasound-guided percutaneous cholecystostomy PC in patients with acute cholecystitis. Material and Methods: Medical records of patients diagnosed as acute cholecystitis and treated with PC from year to were retrospectively examined.

ASA scores, leukocyte counts, gall stone presence, bile cultures, additional interventions, interval surgery, procedure-related complications and mortality were reviewed.

Results: PC catheters were placed in patients 72 male, 55 female aged from 31 to years. No procedure related mortality or early major complications were observed. Six patients died after interval cholecystectomy and 4 patients died before the operation. Conclusion: PC can be preferred over primary cholecystectomy in acute cholecystitis patients. The procedure has high technical success, high clinical response and low complication rates. It can also serve as a definitive treatment option in patients with high surgical risk.

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