The item arrived in good shape, but unfortunately, as described — non working, display comes up but no reaction to any key press. This is almost a cal standard type of source, 0. Looking inside, there is a logic board on the top side, and a shielded box with the analog circuits at the bottom. Seems the CPU is waiting for something — it is not executing any commands, when I look at the data bus with a scope probe. What could it be?

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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. Can it be used as a current reference for the uCurrent? A look at the stability with temperature and time, and absolute calibration of the unit.

Is it an ebay score, or ebay junk? Of course everyone wants to see a teardown of that beautiful piece of test gear. About Me. If only the camera was a bit higher on that last shot SiC Contributor Posts: I love Advantest kit. Snagged a 3. Probably could have uploaded it here, but would be no doubt against their ToC's Mavro Contributor Posts: How does this compare to the Rigol DP with precision option?

Oh and btw, the TR is the older model. Apart from the datasheet in the video saying so, at some point Advantest changed revisions in their test kit by removing the T at the start - usually the models internals were updated with this change too.

I have no idea why the T was dropped off rather than change the model number! I have found that the schematics of one revision often very similar to the newer model, an element of design reuse. So the schematics in the older TR may line up in some respects. I've been following Advantest for a while on eBay looking for stuff like this. Damn you Dave! No chance now! Some interesting construction.

Also a similarly weird and unintuitive button interface. I recently came across the blog and I'm having a lot of fun with the videos and learning a ton. I'm not an EE, so I'm struggling with what this stuff is used for! It seems that everything is circular - ingenious electronics to calibrate other ingenious electronics. What's the practical use for this generator other than calibrating other test equipment? Anthony PS I'm going to buy an oscilloscope Dongulus Regular Contributor Posts: Country:.

Dave, surely you could have calculated 0. Quote from: ion on February 04, , am. Quote from: ve7xen on February 04, , am. Quote from: Dongulus on February 04, , am. Quote from: SeanB on February 04, , am. Quote from: aroby on February 04, , am. Quote from: EEVblog on February 04, , am. Yes, kind of, sort of, not really, no.

I for one would love to have a teardown of this device. The theory of making one seems simple, but I'm sure it's not quite. Keep up the good work. Do a teardown and find out. What's this turn-it-on-before-taking-it-apart rubbish? Quote from: nadona on February 04, , am. The 4-wire probably has some relatively high value resistors inside that are shunted by the external wiring.

Same as the "sense" wires on some power supplies. Frank Super Contributor Posts: Country:. Rubi Contributor Posts: 22 Country:. Quote from: Dr. Frank on February 04, , am. Nice to see quick 20min video.. Definitely needs proper teardown. Fraser Super Contributor Posts: Country:. I am a total Advantest 'Fanboy' as I used their equipment in my day job and loved it. Advantest is not the most common of brands to be found on the secondary market but you can sometimes be lucky.

My inventory of Advantest test equipmet includes several spectrum analysers, optical power meter, two bench frequency counters and several bench multimeters. All of them work fine and are of various ages. Quality is evident in all of teh units taht I have worked on.

The greatest problem with buying Advantest equipment is the lack of availabe documentation and servicing information. My R manual cme with service information and schematics but none of my otehr manual have such and even finding a user manual can be very challenging and expensive. I resorted to downloading the Japanese user manuals for some of my multimeters! Pictures can speak a thousand words. Advantest equipmet has, IMHO, always had a very good reputation and so tends to hold its value.

The Voltage and Current source is usually a very expensive piece of equiment on the secondary market. If I were to be asked whether I would recommend Advantest over certain other well known brands, I would have a problem. The poor availability of documentation and spares can make them a poor choice when compared to say HP or Tektronix. I still love Advantest kit though and I am prepared to repair it if things go wrong.

That is my position but I realise that HP and Tektronix may be more appealing to others. I own plenty of Tektronix kit but only a single piece of HP kit The Logic Dart well 4 of them to be precise. Prices on HP kit can be eye watering due to the known high quality and the repuatation that goes with the name Hewlett Packard.

Anritsu kit is also good, but suffers the same chronic lack of documentation and servicing information as Advantest. I once had to import a service manual from the USA at very high cost as it was only available from one supplier and it was only in paper format. Quote from: Rubi on February 04, , am. There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.


ADVANTEST R6142 Programmable DC Voltage/Current Generator



Takeda TR6142 / Advantest R6142 Programmable DC Voltage/Current Generator: a busy CPU



Used ADVANTEST R6142 #9002086 for sale


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