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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Wireless lan mobility system; wireless lan switch and controller pages. Wireless lan mobility system wireless lan switch manager pages. Wireless lan mobility system wireless lan switch and controller pages.

Wireless lan switch and controller mss version 3. AA Published August Page 2 3Com Corporation reserves the right to revise this documentation and to make changes in content from time to time without obligation on the part of 3Com Corporation to provide notification of such revision or change. Read this manual if you are a network administrator or a person responsible for managing a WLAN. Page Documentation These notes provide information about the MSS software release, including new features and bug fixes.

Page 12 UIDE Example: Please note that we can only respond to comments and questions about 3Com product documentation at this e-mail address. Questions related to Technical Support or sales should be directed in the first instance to your network supplier. Hardware Table 3 shows the minimum and recommended requirements to run the Requirements for 3WXM client on Windows and Linux platforms. Page Preparing For Installation After you have installed 3WXM, you will need to register your license and the serial number with 3Com in order to obtain an activation key.

The base key along with its activation key enables you to manage up to 10 wireless LAN switches. A larger number of WX switches implies more connections and data processing, and consequently, more CPU is required. During the installation, the 3Com Wireless Switch Manager installation wizard minimizes. Page 19 3WXM Services. If you plan to use the remote configuration option to configure new switches, you must use port for 3WXM Services. When a switch requests its configuration from 3WXM Services, it sends the request to port Page Display The Main Window Content panel displays context-sensitive information about the device or configuration selected from the tree in the Organizer panel.

From the Content panel, you can view 3Com devices and their status, verify 3Com device configurations in the network plan and in the network, and display event logs and Rogue detection results. The menu bar located above the toolbar provides access to administrative options such as plan management and access to online help. Page Setting Preferences 1 Select the Monitor toolbar option. The topology view of the selected object is displayed.

Page 29 3WXM. Planning your wireless network is highly recommended because it not only helps you configure and deploy it, but also aids in scaling and monitoring your network. You configure services to support the different levels of network access you need to provide. For example, a service configured to support employee access will have different options configured to provide greater access to the network.

Why is this important? You can start by creating a device-oriented WX switches and MAPs view of your network without any geographic information about your siteā€”no floor dimensions, building material information, or RF obstacle information. Enable the RF Auto-Tuning feature. Page Rf Planning However, there are other requirements organizations should consider. RF Auto-Tuning is ideal for small areas; You may only be able to locate inaccurate or incomplete building and floor plans perhaps only a JPEG file , but with even a bit more geographic modelling of your site, you boost your ability to manage and visualize your network.

Page Configuration Do I want to better monitor my wireless network in terms of buildings, floors, or coverage areas? Page 37 You must configure a radio profile to set attributes that you can apply to multiple radios. Rather than configuring each radio individually, you create a radio profile and apply it to multiple radios that you select.

You can also create a radio profile as part of a policy and apply it to MAP access points on different WX switches. Page Aaa Security Configuration Authentication is the method of determining whether a user is allowed access to your network.

Page 39 Figure 6 Authentication Flowchart for Network Users Client associates with 3Com radio or requests access from wired authentication port Client requests Use fallthru authentication last-resort? Client responds to Page 41 Software MSS you want to run on the switch. You also can specify if the switch is managed. A WX switch that is physically installed as well as configured can be managed. You can Page Deployment If you are indirectly connecting the WX to the switch, plug the other Deployment What is deployment?

Purpose of this section deployed to your network. View the summary status as the initial step in monitoring. Summary status displays the operational status of WX switches, MAPs, and their radios whether they are up or down. You can view noise levels, cyclic redundancy check CRC and PHY errors, packet retransmissions and percent utilization.

Data collected for the RF neighborhood displays the neighboring radios. This information can be viewed as a list of radios heard by a particular radio, as well as a list of radios who can hear a particular radio.

By spoofing various Page Verification 3WXM. Optimization to improve the accuracy of the model. Purpose of this section Why is this important? Optimization of the RF model leads to a more successful RF plan. Page 49 RF Plan Optimization Based on RF measurement data you gather in 3WXM to optimize the RF model of a floor, you can make configuration changes in the software to improve signal strength and coverage for groups or individuals, modify MAP locations, or add additional equipment to your wireless network if statistics indicate your network has outgrown the support provided by its current deployment of WX switches and MAPs.

Page Configuring Wireless Services This chapter contains examples to help you configure the following types of service sets: The configuration examples in this chapter take place on a WX switch already in the network plan. However, you also can preconfigure services in a policy and apply the policy to WX switches later.

Primary Parameters to Configure Configure each user record with authorization rules username and password. Page Step Summary Click Finish. Define any desired 3Com vendor-specific attributes VSAs. Example: Configure The following detailed steps provide an example of how to configure Employee Access Employee services.

Page 56 To create a radio profile 1 Select Configuration on the toolbar. Page 57 5 Enter the name of the radio profile, then click Next at the bottom of the wizard. Page 59 5 Type the name, IP address, and key, then click Next. The server group is required because AAA rules refer to server groups, not to individual servers. Table 10 describes the 3Com VSAs, listed in order by vendor type number. Table 10 3Com VSAs Other attributes are optional.

Create a Service Profile for Page 63 8 Click Next. TKIP is already selected. The new service profile appears in the Content panel. The service profile wizards automatically create access rules that match on all usernames or that match on all MAC addresses, for VoWIP services.

Page 65 To view an A Setup group appears in the Task List panel. The Configure Page 66 VLAN configured. However, no two IP addresses on the switch can belong to the same IP subnet. After you create Employee services, you can create additional services. For information about configuring additional services, refer to: After you have created additional services, you can create your RF environment, and deploy your configuration and enable monitoring.

Page Step Summary Step Summary The following list summarizes the fields selected or configuration items entered configure Guest access. Click Finish. Page 72 To create users 1 Select Configuration on the toolbar. See step 8 on page The wizard lists the authorization attributes you can configure for the user. The wizard lists the authorization attributes you can configure for the group. Type or select the name of the VLAN you want to place your guests users in.

For this example, use guest-vlan. Page 78 For a server group to be available in the wizard, the group must already be configured. The wizard shows the user names configured in the local database. This user is automatically created. The switch uses the web-portal-ssid username for users while they are in the portal and are being authenticated. The Create Mobility Profiles wizard appears.


3Com Wireless LAN Controller WX2200 user manual



3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual


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