Content presented in this article is focused on the reflection of the factors determining the choice of research strategy in the analysis of school environment. Some of the elements to be examined refer to the structural and functional model of a school, others to the interpretative model. As the assumptions about the nature of school reality are completely different within these models, depending on how the school is perceived, there are different ways of designing and conducting research. It is arguable whether derived from a structural and functional model of school the school as an environment education, positivist paradigm only quantitative analysis are justified, and after the adoption of the interactive model the school as a system of socio-cultural, interpretative paradigm only qualitative research should be conducted? The choice, at the first glance, quite obvious is a matter of more complex, because the strategy of research procedure also depends on some another factors: the order in which the study is carried out, the subject and the scope of the analysis, the experience of the researcher and to some extent, to the fact who are beneficients of the results.

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The first sociological article, referred to by M. Kempny, is the paper by R. It clearly leads to an open, dynamic and adequate to the social conditions subject identity Karkowska and Skalski, , p.

Postponed or delayed adulthood? Nowak, D. Kasser, T. On the other hand, M. The system undermines most of assumptions and rules concerning human culture Jotterand, b. American Journal of Bioethics, 10 7. However, the third road through which media infiltrate the learning process might be called metafunctionality. Contrastingly, teachers should create conditions for the already mentioned omnivorousness, thus highlighting the beauty of classical music and appreciating the importance and value of popular music.

Ac- cording to Stuart Hall, there are three variants of interpretation: Students are informed what the subject of the next lesson is and receive questions or tasks which direct their reflection on the problem which will be analysed. The development of the conception of global education during the last few decades of the 20th century was connected with deepening the analysis of and reflection on the changes of the contemporary world.

Thanks to transhumanism, we will finally be able to fulfil the real human destiny consciously Wolbring, As pointed out by Z. Within this perspective, ed- ucation requires uncovering how choices made at the individual, group and national levels can influence the shape of the world.

Genomic Variants and the Eugenic De- bate. Transhumanism, Metaphysics, and the Posthuman God. This has been done for hundreds of years by teachers i. Another building block of contemporary identity is the phenomenon of pretended difference and personalisation. The issue with in-class discipline is a serious one. Looking at her, young people experience visual pleasure, her music and lyrics corresponds to wcyhowania aesthetic and emotional needs, and the identity image discussed above is very attractive.

Creating pedagogical conceptions spanning the global cultural ecumene and the attempts at creating theoretical generalisations focusing on the questions of global upbringing are present in various subdisciplines in the educational studies. Is it not the logic of the supermarket culture: The case of Chelsea. Historical Materialism, 11 2. For the same reason — constant popularity for the last few decades — I have chosen Barbie as the exemplar of an icon which has been enjoying decades-long popularity 55 years.

They occur once someone compares themselves with the superidols and may lead to fundamental problems with iden- tity, against which results of tests or exams and participation in a school play socologia no signifi- cance whatsoever. Rozmowy z Riccardo Mazzeo. Socjoloogia — doradca projektu. It is born when the specific potential of digital technology is used to create a completely new context for the learning process. Moreover, I do not want to define the structure and content of this core as it depends on a concrete person and their biography.

A traditional library with thousands of books on shelves is for me a refreshing alternative to the Internet and television, or the click culture. Amid the distinguished orientations characterised by social attitudes towards wychwania of socio-cultural changes in the world, there exist mutual inter- connections, which constitute a syndrome formed social traits support, strengthen or weak- en others rather than a set of characteristics depicting subtleties of the late modern society.

Where the human ends, problems end as well, and the perfect world begins Hauskeller,! The goal of education is forming — in young people — a specific attitude towards nature: All types of stimulants wychwania of technical nature. Rafael earned his Ph. The underlying assumption was that new eugenics will be hidden and func- tioning as a philosophy without a name and eugenic connotations, as a branch of genetics Meehan, Sieci oburzenia i nadziei.

It is socjolohia specifying the definition of behaviour breaching discipline in order to make it use- ful not only for research purposes but also for practicing teachers. It also allows predicting the possible consequences of events, however, not always only on the local scale and in the short run, but also in a macroscale and in a long run Melosik, R. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

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The first sociological article, referred to by M. Kempny, is the paper by R. It clearly leads to an open, dynamic and adequate to the social conditions subject identity Karkowska and Skalski, , p. Postponed or delayed adulthood? Nowak, D. Kasser, T.


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